Encyclopedia of Conjuring Tricks: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction (For Al16's Contest)

For Al16's fan-fiction contest. Please enjoy, rate and comment! Critcism is welcomed, and I love encouragement! If you note any grammatical mistakes, please be so kind as to mention them in your comment(s)! ^.^ Thank you very much!

All characters that I didn't create, such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and et cetera belong to J.K. Rowling, as does the idea of magic and sorts.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Embleton, Northumberland, England, Great Britain: Sometime in June, 1991

"Once upon a time. . . ."

The girl opened her eyes and looked at the feathery clouds above her while gnawing on a straw, ignoring the boy next to her, though her lips twitched slightly in amusement. The moist grass--still fresh from the morning--tickled her naked arms and she tilted her head back, turning it to the side slightly at the same time. Her straw-blonde hair blew around her as a slight gust picked up, rushing over the hills with grace.

"There was a girl. . . ."

"Are you for real, Finn?" the girl asked in a light-hearted tone, smiling despite herself. She sat up and took the straw out of her mouth, an amused look on her pointy face. "I thought you didn't like fairytales!"

Finn sat up as well, an equally playful look appearing on his face, now. He took the colorful straw out of her hands and stuck it in his own broad mouth, then proceeding to lean back into the itchy grass. "Why not? There is more truth in them than you think." He winked merrily and plucked a daisy, playing with it in his hands. "You know, magic and all. . . ."

A scowl appeared on the young girl's face and she put her arms around her knobby knees, turning her face up to the sun's warm rays. "There is no such thing as magic . . . don't be stupid."

He glanced at her, a slight frown appearing on his face. Instead of saying something, however, he heaved a loud sigh and scrambled up, taking care to wipe the grass off of his pants. After spotting a large green spot on the back of his trousers, he colored slightly and threw an accusing look at the fertile dune. "Mum is going to kill me!"

The girl giggled and stood up as well, looking over her shoulder at the back of her white, frilly dress. "It's only a bit o' green, really! I bet my mum won't be bothered."

Finn gave her a jealous look, but then shrugged it off and directed his eyes at the dark blue ocean thoughtfully. "It's getting late again, dinner's probably waiting . . . I'll see you later, Abbie!" And with those words, the eleven-year-old boy quickly paced away, still clutching the frail daisy in his hand. When he reached a white cottage, situated near other houses, he leant against its cool wall and opened his palm, looking at the flower urgently, which trembled feebly in his hand. One by one, the petals opened and he closed his fist again. "Magic exists," he whispered.

Eastbury, England, Great Britain: Sometime in June, 1991.

"Timothy, I'm serious!" the little girl whined, her brown eyes large and moist with tears. "I'll tell mommy if you don't stop!"

Her older brother waved his wooden wand threateningly and cackled, his face shining with excitement. "Tell mommy, eh, Sue? And what is she going to do? Mum is proud of me! I am a Slytherin-- I am a Slytherin!"

"You can't cast magic outside of the school! They'll put you in Azkaban!" the young girl cried out, backing away fearfully and throwing a quick look at the tall, stony stairs behind her. After directing another frightened look at her brother--who now looked rather crestfallen--she smiled in triumph and ran upstairs, her feet thumping against the steps loudly.

"Mum, Timmy has been naughty!"

Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain: Sometime in June, 1991.

The thirteen year-old boy spun around in his chair, utterly bored while rain fell outside his window heavily. "So much for summer," he complained out loud, directing a look at the chubby girl next to him and giving her a small smile. "I can't wait to get back."

"Neither can I," she replied, casting a wishful glance at the grey sky outside. The girl then looked back at her friend. "You do know what year it is, right, Billy? I mean, you know what is going to happen, right?"

He stopped spinning for a moment and remained utterly still before glancing up cautiously, though the corners of his red lips were turned up slightly. As he spoke, his voice cracked, announcing that puberty was on its way. "It's 1991."

"Yes, go on."

"Which means Harry Potter is--or will soon turn--eleven years of age. Isn't that right, Violet?"

The girl raised her eyes, clearly annoyed with the short statements. When he caught sight of her fiery, reproachful eyes, the boy cringed slightly and parted his lips, speaking again in his Scottish accent, the words he uttered slightly too hurried in his attempt to please Violet.

"Which means that this year, the boy who lived is coming to Hogwarts at last."

(Tongue-tying curse)

Description: A curse that prevents certain information from being revealed by the individual upon whom the spell is placed. The curse manifests itself by causing the tongue to temporarily curl backwards upon itself.

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