A Wordless Love (Pollux/Cressida)

Enjoy this pairing and story because I always supported them :) Comment and rate and add to your favorites if you like it :) Suggestions are welcome! Spoilers for Mockingjay, so don't read if you haven't finished the book.

Chapter 1

How to Restart

Pollux POV

The war is over, although in my heart, it rages on. I have never been exceptional at dealing with pain. Emotional pain ravages my mind far worse than when they cut my tongue. When I was turned into an avox for reasons I do not like to recall. My brother, my precious, precious brother, Castor...killed by the lizard mutts. My heart broke as I watched the light leave his usually humorous eyes. The blonde hair smashed against the slimy green scales. Being forced up that ladder although truthfully, I wanted to be with him. Beheaded like so many others of our so-called Star Squad. Why did I, the "insect" cameraman, survive when skilled fighters like Finnick did not? When soldiers that have been preparing for this for decades like Boggs, Leeg 1, Leeg 2, Mitchell, Homes, and Jackson did not? Why was I a survivor? Sitting in my room in District 12 now, I recall my fallen friends. Finnick, who had always been kind to me. Leeg 1 who had always made sure I wasn't being picked on. Jackson, my dear mentor and friend. And the pain of losing Castor has never ceased, nor do I expect it ever to. The fire crackles in the nearby fireplace as I rush my fingers through my red hair. My face is shaved, smooth, and cold from the wintry breeze wafting through the open window. I stand to close it and fall back into my seat to cry. I cry for what must be hours everyday. Katniss visits with news of the outside districts. Her and Peeta, newlyweds, like to travel and share stories with me. I do appreciate them, but I enjoy being a solitary man. Haymitch never has the patience for my sensitivity. Not many do. Colors blend into the white flakes of snow. Oh, how I despise that word even if it is only a type of weather. A type of weather that blinds those in its path, a cold cruel one...like a snake. But this snow is better than the other. The one that snagged the life of my brother with his mutts and slaughtered so many others. I get calls from Annie is District 4 with her baby. I can relate to her. We are both lost souls. Tears continue to trickle down my pallor face as a gentle hand encloses around mine. I glance up to see my beautiful girlfriend. "Cressida," I mouth. The choking aninal noises escape my mouth before I can stop them. She kneels down and kisses my cheek. "Pollux, it will be alright, sweetie. I'm here." She hugs me close and I enjoy the warmth her body brings. And I know she is telling the truth. Because she is the only woman I have ever met that hasn't become fed-up with my speechlessness. I am a mute by default. And I hate myself for it. But I would never regret saving my brother from certain death even if it meant losing my tongue and speech. Snow could take my speech, my tongue. But he could never take my voice from this world. Cressida smiles as my tears clear and says, "We will endure as we have for years." I nod because I know she is right. I stand to walk beside her and smile sadly at the picture of my brother on the nearby hearth. He is smiling, blonde hair hanging in waves. And I smile back because I know he would want me to be happy. And I am. Here with Cressida. Two camera people united in love. What a perfect picture.


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