Please read if you care about me at all.

Chapter 1


Ok, just something I want to get off my chest.

Lately, someone has been sending me very mean messages. Very mean. Whenever I block messages from one person, they just send them from a different account.
I'm having trouble sharing this, because my hands are shaking so hard and I feel like crying.
Here's one copied and pasted:

'your a BIITCH! your stories are stupid and you have NO talent!!! Just spare us all and stop wrting alltogether! Just quit quibblo alreasdy, and save us all from haveing to read ur fvcking crap stories. UR A LOSER!!!'

So yeah. I actually am crying now, cuz im reading all the messaged over and it's just making me feel so self concious and terrible at something I love.

That's why i posted that 'Do you think I'm a good writer?' Question, to make sure that not EVERYONE thought this.

This person is also saying that I'm mean and I don't care about anyone but myself, and I'm a 'stupiid fvcking nerd' because I'm in love with an anime character (Envy).

I'm sorry if I ever came off as mean, and I'm sorry if I seem self-absorbed. I'm sorry if you don't like my stories, because I really work hard on them.

I love each and every one of you, and if I have ever made it seem otherwise, I'm really sorry. I'm just trying to make friends and share a bit of my writing on here, and of course people have to go and ruin something I've enjoyed for over a year.

One recieved yesterday, copied and pasted:

'OH, now ur asking ur fvcking friends if ur any good?!? THEYRE LYING TO U. just stop writing!!! No one likes u or ur writing biitch!! GO DIE. NO ONE WOULD MISS YOU.'

I am already so self-concious about my writing and posting stuff, and now I don't even want to accept friend requests, I'm so scared that they'll keep bullying.

If it continues much longer, I'll probably just delete this account and make a new one, and just message my new name to my old friends. Quibblo is supposed to be fun, and this person is making me so afraid to even check my messages out of fear that a new message from the person will be there.

I'm so very, very sorry if I'm mean. I'm sorry if I'm self-absorbed. I'm sorry if my writing is crap.
But now I know what real Cyber-Bullying is, and it IS as hard and degrading as these other people say it is.

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