Pinkie isn't a murderer! =/ DANG!!

Pinkie isn't a murderer! =/ DANG!!

It aaalll started with this episode:

Chapter 1

Yep,The link is safe!!

Ok,For those not willing to watch the episode I'll explaine.
Pinkie Pie thought her friends were avoiding her. Then,Her hair deflated
and she felt hurt and very sad and lonely so she got some lint,Rocks,A turnips and a bag of flower to pretend to talk to her and play with, She also had these weird twitches.. Thanks to oodles of fanfics ("Cupcakes" here's looking at you!!)
people are starting to think she's some insane little pony and it both saddens me and makes me ticked off. I mean,If anything she's only bipolar. NOT a killer!
I couldn't help but to notice the things she chose to play with was like the same things like on the rock farm she lived on when she was little. Even her hair was straight. (Could be WHY people refer to her in this state as 'Pinkamena' even though I call her that anyway because that's her name!) I think she kept having those ticks because she was having flash backs or something.
I mean,She though she had finnaly had some friends and then they all started avoiding her. Tell me you wouldn't feel hurt. She's just an insecure mare =(
Another thing this whole "Happy-go-lucky-character/person-turned-killer" is soooo
beyound cliche to every extent. That doesn't really ever happen! =/
So two things you can do for me.
1.Stop "bullying" Pinkie.
2.Get some original ideas


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