Poem – Anything Else Left to Say?

I was feelin' lonely/ignored, no one seems to care so might as well use that emotion for something...And thus this came out!

Chapter 1

Better or Worse, Just Add Another Verse.

That's how I'll stay,
I mean, so if I told you how I felt,
What would you say?
Would you even listen? Or turn away?
Why don't you just yell it already?
You already took my friends, hobbies and place,
So what if there's ink on my lip or face?
When you look at me, your expression turns from happy to a look you'd give a monster,
That look you give me every day,
It's making my sadness, to bitterness and pain,
I'm not invisible,
But when I'm sad it's seems my only friends  are the ones that are in my head,
Am I insane?
I know you don't feel the same way,
I already knew,
And just with the truth,
That thing we called friendship,
Seems like something you rued.

Days past,
I see you, you wave,
I smile and wave back,
Yet again the same look on your face,
Seems there are things one can't take back,
Guess I made a mistake,

Sorry I told you the truth,
sorry for making you uncomfortable, 
Sorry for even being next to you in the hall,
Sorry for feeling anything at all, 
This feels like I'm apologizing for being real,
Seems love and happy endings are just surreal.


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