Poem– There's Always a 'Lie' in 'BeLIEve'

Got into an argument with my parents....Bleh. Wrote stuff down and ended up with This.

Chapter 1

"You Can't Give a Monkey a Keyboard and Expect it to Write Harry Freakin' Potter"

If you're an adult with all the right decisions and opinions for problems,
But you can't work it, 
How am I, a dumbazz kid,
Gonna make a problem, so stupid yet a hard hit,
Disappear,while everything's going to sh1t?
"we're just trying to keep you safe" "safe"? That word doesn't exist.
All you do is argue and yell about how I'm going to this one day on my own without you storming in,
I long for the day to see that "privacy" and "peace" aren't a myth,
*As dorky as it sounds, you're as evil as the sith,
Is there any good in a brain with a skull so thick?
You hear, but you don't listen,
Sometimes I hear the words "Love" and "Hope" they glisten,
Through this crooked thing you call a family portrait.

----Alternate Hunger Games Dorky version---
**Yeah, you care so much? 
Why'd you make a face at lunch?
Why didn't you stop that fake hunch?
An emotional hug? 
My butt.
You wouldn't know who I am 
even if I trew you my head's map,
You'd barely care if I was gone,
Maybe you'd care about the family's lost,
An "intelligent kid with a bright future"? 
Or an "idiot kid with a computer"
I should just pop in my mouth a night lock,
And wait for the clock to stop its tick-tock.
That's what I'll do,
Tonight when twelve strikes the clock.


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