Starkids and shooting stars.

My name is Leah and I am 19. I want to become an actress more than anything in the world and this is the story of how one wonderful group of people and a certain Joey helped make that dream a reality.

(Authors Note)
I'm normally really against writing this kind of story, about real people who have real lives but this has been floating around in my head for a long time and I had to give in. This is fiction, just with real people as the characters...

Chapter 1

Meet n Greet

I'm so glad I skipped work on the 17th. It may have been the most nerve racking thing to sit there at my beat up old computer, hitting refresh over and over again, but it was worth it. Thank god I had a job, there was no way my parents would have agreed to buy hundred dollar tickets for some 'show'. But I got them; I got the tickets that I would have done anything to get. "Crystal Skull" as Starkid named them. I have been waiting two years to get to meet the people that inspired me to follow my dreams and now I finally have the chance. To hug them, to talk to them, to tell them my story.
As I sit undercover from the inevitable Seattle rain, I can't control my shaking. I check my watch for the billionth time, 4:57. Three minutes. Just three more minutes. I'm surprised I'm not crying like the girl next to me. I guess I'm still doubting the whole idea, that they are standing in there right now getting ready to meet a few of their lucky fans. I just feel like they are going to run out or the whole thing is just some cruel prank. Nothing like this ever happens to me. I just can't believe i get to meet them. Thinking about hugging Joey makes my heart melt down into my stomach. I can't even explain why I love him so much... it's not just because he is super attractive.. its just that... when he smiles I can't help but smile. He is so hilarious and caring and kind... but what do I know. I haven't even met him.
When freckled boy in a red shirt comes up to the Crystal skull line, we all stand up. He tries to tell us to remain calm and continue in an orderly fashion, but the squeals of the other girls makes it impossible to hear the poor kid. He just shrugs and leads us in. It's a bummer my car broke down because I was stuck at the back of the line, meaning that I'm the last one to enter the room that the team is waiting for us in. When I finally get in there girls are already surrounding Joey which I predicted. I don't let it get to me, who wouldn't love Joey? Somehow I am able to walk over to meet Lauren which quickly became difficult as my legs turned to jelly. I remember when Lauren was my favorite Starkid. I thought she was purely amazing when I watched A Very Potter Musical and now seeing her live makes me want to cry. As I wait to talk to her I look around the room at the other fans and of course Team Starkid. Girls are surrounding everyone, mainly Joey and Joe. I look at Joey and my heart melts again. I just can't believe what is happening. I am actually in the same room as Team Starkid! As i look around the room, my eyes lock with Joey's. For one second we are both staring into each others eyes but then i blush and look away.
"Uhh.. hello?" A voice asks, pulling me out of my thoughts. I turn around and see Lauren smiling at me.
"Oh my God... I can't even.. You don't know.. Thank you so much Lauren.." I say, mumbling and trying not to sound stupid, which I fail at miserably. She just laughs at me a little.
"For what?" she laughs. I start to sweat, not wanting to look like anymore of a dork. I notice she's staring at me funny... probably because I'm making a fool of myself.
"You were the reason that i pursued my dream. Without you... I might be in Law School or something! And now.. I have a chance of making my dream come true," I say, not believing that I'm getting the chance to say this.
"Come here," She says, pulling me into a hug. I hug her back and almost pass out. "I should be the one thanking you! I love inspiring young people to do what they want to do. It's one of my favorite things of the world. Can i ask what your dream is?"
"I want to be an actress.." I breathe. "My parents wanted me to become a Lawyer or Doctor or something. They think acting is a waste of time and unpredictable. But it's my dream." The way Lauren smiles at me makes me want to cry. She is my hero.. and to have her here, listening to what I have to say is just... amazing.
"Well don't give up. If it's what you want to do, it'll be worth it in the end," She says to me, putting her hand on my shoulder.
"Thanks so much Lauren.. I better let you go. There's some other people who wanna talk to you," I say, gesturing to the group of girls behind me.
"Oh wait! I never got your name!" She says just before I turn around.
"Leah," I smile.
"I'm Lauren!" She says as she hold out her hand, I shake it, laughing.
"I know," I laugh. "Thanks again, it was really nice to meet you."
"You too!" She calls as she gets surrounded by other fans. I look up to where Joey is standing, alone. Alone! I give myself a second then approach him. He looks at me and smiles his big, crooked smile.
"Hi..." I whisper, feeling like I'm about to fall over.
"Hey.." He breathes, staring at me the way Lauren did. I look at his huge smile, and my heart melts again. I don't even notice the tears streaming down my face.
"Hey.. why you crying?" He says, wiping a tear of my cheek and pulling me into a hug. He hugs me tightly, pulling me against his chest. This does nothing to stop the tears. I start to shake. He pulls away, but keeps one of his arms on my shoulder. He leans down, so we are face to face.
"It's just... i can't believe that I'm meeting you." I say, trying not to cry anymore, but the tears keep coming. "You changed my life." He chuckles at me. I love his laugh. It's so beautiful.
"Your crying because your meeting me! But i'm just... Just Joey!" He says, smiling even wider. I laugh softly at his remark. Just Joey? He is never JUST Joey.
"I dunno.." I say, reaching up to wipe away my tears. He grabs my hand and pulls it down, not letting go.
"I got it.. i got it," He whispers, wiping away the tears with his own sleeve. I didn't think the butterflies in my stomach could get any wilder. He stares at me for a second, then looks away, searching the small crowd. "Brian!" He calls out. I stand there, confused as Brian Holden makes his way over to Joey.
"What Joey.." Brian yells, not even looking at me.
"Is it just me.. or does she.. look perfect for.. and sound like.." I hear him whisper to Brian, unable to make out a few of the words. Brian says nothing and just turns to look at me. His eyes widen and he looks at me suspiciously.
"Say something," Brian orders.
"Umm.. like what?" I say and Brian looks at Joey. He stares at me for a second, then roughly pats Joey on the back.
"Holy Crap. I think we may have found our Tom," Brian says, leaving me confused.
"Umm.. Your 'Tom'?" I ask, wondering why I remind them both of some boy named Tom.
"Yeah. Uhg crap." Brian whispers. "You and the other fans are supposed to leave in less than a minute so we can get ready.. I need to talk to the team about this before we go into detail.. Umm.. Would you mind waiting after the show? Just like go up on the stage and wait for Joey or I to come get you."
"Umm.. what..?" I ask, still very confused.
"Oh yeah.. whats your name?" Brian asks.
"Uhh Leah Smithe.. can i ask wh-"
"Look I'll explain everything later. You. Wait. Stage. After," Brian says as he walks away to go whisper in Dylan's ear.
"What the heck was that about..?" I ask Joey, who is standing there still staring. "Who is Tom? Why does Brian want me to wait..?"
"So your name is Leah huh?" Joey asks, ignoring my question. "It was fantastic to meet you, I'll see you after okay?"
"Uhh.. can you at least explain.." I start, but quickly stop myself, knowing it's no use. I sigh but then process what Brian said to me just a little bit more. The butterflies in my stomach explode again... they want to talk to me after.. I don't know what they want but i couldn't really care right now. The theater attendant starts to shuffle the fans out and i whisper to Joey "It was nice to meet you too.. I guess I'll see you later."
"Yeah, see yah soon," My heart flutters at the idea of seeing him later, and i hold back more tears of excitement. As i walk tout of the room i notice Jamie, Lauren, Dylan and Meredith staring at me excitedly and Brian whispering into Joe's ear.
As i leave the room I don't even feel the slightest disappointment due to me not meeting everyone. I have a feeling that I may have a chance to meet them later.

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