Starkids and shooting stars.

My name is Leah and I am 19. I want to become an actress more than anything in the world and this is the story of how one wonderful group of people and a certain Joey helped make that dream a reality.

(Authors Note)
I'm normally really against writing this kind of story, about real people who have real lives but this has been floating around in my head for a long time and I had to give in. This is fiction, just with real people as the characters...

Chapter 2

Smiles and Snickers

As i get shuffled into the theater I hear a few of the girls whisper and glare at me. I try to shrug it off but their judgmental glances sort of get to me, and I'm definitely the kind of girl who likes to speak her mind.
"Yeah?" I ask, trying not to be rude but I can hear the annoyance in my own voice. A few girls sneer at me and turn away but one stares at me for a minute.
"What was going on with you and Joey?" She confronts me.
"Umm... nothing. We were just talking.." I say, not wanting to get up in her face seeing as she is almost a foot taller than me and wearing a shirt with that has "Joey Richter is MINE" printed on the front.
"Hah.. thats what i thought. Like he would be interested in someone like you," she laughs. As she turns away I fight the urge to flip her off or do something I'll surely regret. I'm so used to people tearing me down, telling me that I can't do things or I'm not worth it. And after 19 years of it you have to learn to either get stepped on or learn to fight back. Thankfully I've learned how to do the latter.
I'm fortunate enough to get a standing spot near the front of the stage but slightly to the left. I look at my watch, 5:45... dang. I still have almost two hours. I pull out my phone and try to ignore the squealing girls around me, probably looking like a loner. Which I sort of am.

After two hours the concert finally begins. Throughout the whole concert I notice Joey staring at the girl who harassed me earlier, who is sadly standing right by me. This puts a little crack in my heart, knowing that Joey would be making googly eyes at a girl who is a total jerk.. but hey.. he is a guy right? He's not perfect.
I laugh at my thoughts. Of course he's perfect. I honestly can't think of anything about him that I would change. As I listen to his wonderful voice I can't help but be wonderstruck. I still can't believe I'm here right now.

After the concert I hold back as everyone leaves, pretending to be looking for my purse. A few girls give me weird looks but I ignore them. As soon as everyone leaves I hop up onto the stage and sit on the edge, with my feet dangling off. I sit there with my feet of the edge, staring out into the huge room imagining an audience. The lights are still on, shining in my face and I can almost imagine it. Too bad I don't think I can sing. I might be able to act, but when it comes to singing I just know I'm terrible.
"Hey there," a voice says next to me, causing me to jump a little. Joey just laughs and me and holds out a chocolate bar. "Haha chill... you want a bite?"
"Umm.. no thanks," I say, looking at my feet.
"Come on!" He persists, getting up in my face. "It's snickers!" he says in a sing songy voice. Unable to say no to that, I take a bite.
"I seriously think that Snickers are my favorite candy," I say after I swallow. My eyes drift out into the room again, imagining what it would be like to stand in front of a crowd and sing my heart out.
"It's amazing, isn't it?"
"Hmm?" I ask him, not really paying attention.
"The stage. Being up here.. even if there is no one in the audience... it's still just amazing to imagine it," He whispers in awe. I look up at him, smiling. He grabs my hand and stands up, pulling me up with him. He walks over to the side of the stage and grabs two mics, plugs them in then hands one to me. "You should try it, its really amazing."
My jaw drops and all i can do is slowly shake my head at him.
"Come on," he encourages. He puts his hand on my shoulder. "Just try it."
"But i can't sing.." I reply, sad to say it. I feel like he's going to judge me because of my voice. I can't sing. And he has a voice that sounds like a thousand angles dancing on a rainbow.
"Everyone can sing," He says and I shake my head. I open my mouth to protest but he interrupts, "No. I'm serious. If you just try it enough, you'll get better. I swear i won't judge you," he teases.
"Fine.. but just one song.. no.. not even that. I'll sing one verse," I give in and he agrees with my conditions.
"How about The Way I Do? Bug and February's verse?" He asks as he plugs in his iPhone to a small iHome. I nod my head, and wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans. After a second of him skimming though his iPhone, he nods at me to start.
"Um.. You're perfect and wonderful," I start, my voice sounding horrible. I wince at him but he just smiles even wider. "How I hoped you'd be."
"Leah, I..." He says, substituting February with my own name, which makes me smile even wider.
"But it's really enough, for you to be just a human being," I sing, staring at him, trying not to start crying out of happiness again.
"There's something I need to tell you..."
"And I'll know you'll agree that's all we need to make our dreams come true." Joey steps closer to me, so that i have to strain my neck to look up into his eyes.
"Your a dream come true, but I need to share something with you.." He says, lowering his voice a bit.
"If this life has ending, I’m glad that I’m spending this short little time with you" I finish, lowering the mic from my mouth. Joey leans closer to me.
"Wow! That was fantastic!" A voice booms from behind us. We both jump up, blushing furiously. Brian comes in to the room smiling and clapping.
"God Holden.. you scared the crap out of me," Joey says, glaring at him.
"Hah.. sorry Joseph.. anyways. Leah you were amazing! This is just.. perfect," He says, staring at me.
"I was actually good? Really..? I thought I sucked!" I say in disbelief.
"You were fantastic!" Joey whispers in my ear. "Told you so.."
"You were pretty good.. we could work on it," Brian says, eyeing me. "Look.. Leah. We need to talk to you."
"Umm.. okay. I'm all ears," I say, wondering what they could possibly want to say to me.
"Well.. we've been having a lot of trouble casting someone for a certain part.." Joey starts.
"Tom?" I ask them, remembering our conversation from earlier.
"Yes.. And when we saw you, and heard you talk. And now hearing you sing.. we think.." Brian pauses. He stares at me for a second. "You would be perfect for it. Of course you would need to formally audition and we would need to figure out housing and everything.. but it's definitely a possibility,"
"Umm.. I. Uh. Are you serious?" I say, trying to get the words out. I do all I can to hold in tears.
"Dead serious. We have to go meet a few of the general admission ticket holders that stayed after, but after that you wanna come meet the team and we can figure it out?" Brian asks hopefully.
"Uhm yeah! Of course!" I nearly shout.
"Excellent" Brian smiles
"Awesome" Joey smiles, leading me off the stage and into the back room.

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