Starkids and shooting stars.

My name is Leah and I am 19. I want to become an actress more than anything in the world and this is the story of how one wonderful group of people and a certain Joey helped make that dream a reality.

(Authors Note)
I'm normally really against writing this kind of story, about real people who have real lives but this has been floating around in my head for a long time and I had to give in. This is fiction, just with real people as the characters...

Chapter 3


It's overwhelming how many people stand in line to meet all of the Starkids. The whole team stands around signing autographs for over an hour and with each new fan, their smiles get bigger and they become more and more friendly and welcoming. You would think that all the fame would go to their heads or they would be tired from constantly signing posters and taking pictures, but they don't. They keep going, asking for names and thanking each and every person.
I sit off to the side, admiring the Starkids, looking at each of them, unable to control my joy, confusion and excitement. I don't get why they would want me.. I'm just an awkward, lost and normal person. My only acting experience was when I did the school play my senior year. Oh and when I was in the church Christmas pageant. In which I played a tree.. So never mind.
They take one look at me and listen to me talk and they insist that I am 'perfect for the part' of the mysterious Tom. I just don't understand why it was me. It's not that I'm not grateful or anything, because I'm actually about to pee my pants out of excitement. I just don't understand why anyone, especially them, would show interest in me.
I look down at my phone and see three messages from my mom, who is probably worried about me. I'm nineteen and she still worries that I'll accept candy from a stranger or get into someone's white van. All of her messages inquire about if i'll be home soon and they slowly begin to get more panicked. I decide it's best to text her and tell her some excuse to why I'm not going to be home for a little bit. 'Getting to stay after to hang with the group, be home before one' i text her, looking at the clock which reads 10:35. The little meet and greet seems to be dying down seeing as Jim, Brian, Jamie and Dylan are in the corner of the room trying to do handstands and Joe is in the middle of an intense thumb wrestling war with Lauren. After the last fan leaves, Joey comes up besides me and pulls me up.
"Hey guys.. guys.." Joey calls, trying to get everyone's attention. The handstands stop, but Joe and Lauren are still thumb wrestling. "Joe! Lauren!" He yells, which causes them to look up, confused.
"Sorry.." They both mumble, standing up to gather around with everyone else.
"Anyways, I'd like to introduce you guys to someone," Joey says, beaming down at me. "This is Leah, as you all know she is our possible Tom."
"Umm.. hi," I nervously mumble. Having every single one of your heroes focused purely on you is definitally the scariest and most amazing thing ever. They all say hello to me very kindly, but don't stop their staring. I try not to fidget, but when anyone stares at me I get nervous, especially when it's these guys doing the staring.
"She really does look like what I imagined Tom to be," Jim says in his naturally deep voice.
"Kind of freaky how perfect she is for the part," Meredith says and to that several of them nod their heads in agreement.
"Can... can I ask you guys a couple of questions about what the hell is going on? I understand that you guys think I am like Tom the mystery man, but I don't really understand why me.." I stammer, trying to get just a few of my questions answered.
"Of course!" Joe laughs. "I guess we should have explained more before we jumped this on you."
"No it's fine.. I just want to know what the deal is. Who is "Tom"? What play is this? Are you guys serious about wanting me to do this with you guys?" I spit out all the questions that have been boiling up inside ever since Brian mentioned anything.
"Well by Tom we mean Tom Riddle, as in the younger, nose wielding Voldemort," Jamie says.
"So that would mean the play is a Harry Potter parody," Lauren continues.
"So A Very Potter Threequel," Joey explains. "Or A Very Potter Senior Year as we plan on calling it."
"And we are dead serious. That is as long as you want to be in it, obviously," adds Brian.
"Of course I want to be in it!" I exclaim a little to loudly. Great. They probably am convinced I'm just another fan girl who got the news of a lifetime. Which I am... but it wouldn't hurt if they didn't know that. I am sort of confused about one little detail though. They want me to play Tom. As in a male... And I know they've gone the whole 'cross dressing actors' sort of thing before, but I can't imagine me playing a dude. "But wait... why do you want me to play Tom Riddle? Isn't he like.. a guy?"
"Well that's the beauty of making a parody," Dylan smiles, nodding his head towards Brian. "This guy, along with the Langs have their own little way of thinking of things."
"Okay..." I don't really understand why of all people, Tom Riddle would be portrayed by a girl. It doesn't make any sense based on the actually character in the books.
"So we were thinking that Tom would be more of Draco's enemy than anyone else. Yeah sure Harry would hate him and all, but what if Tom is like... Super Draco," Brian stands up, getting really excited with his idea. "So Tom would be a perfect dancer like Draco's dad always wanted, and he would be a bit taller, and would be tight with Rumbleroar. He'd pretty much be the guy Malfoy wishes he could be."
"So... i get to play Malfoy, just 'super'?" I ask them, getting excited. Lauren's portrayal of Draco Malfoy is literally my favorite thing about the Potter musicals.
"Sort of.. of course he's got his own things that he does and doesn't roll on the floor like Malfoy because he can actually pose,"
"And why do I look like Tom? Why did you see me and think of your portrayal of Tom Riddle?"
"Because we pictured Tom being a few inches taller than Lauren, and the way you hold yourself looks like how Tom would," Brian explains and I immediately wonder what that means. How I hold myself? I didn't realize I stood like a man.. "And how you speak. How you speak is perfect. Your facial expressions are perfect. You just are.. perfect for the role."
"I don't want you guys to get me wrong, I am flattered and super excited that you guys want me to do this with you... but i'm just a little shocked and starstruck. You guys are so great, and I'm just another fan," I look down at my feet while I talk. I feel like they are just going to take this away from me and tell me I'm on Punk'd or something. I'm just waiting for Justin Timberlake to come out and crush my dreams while telling me I'm on television.
"Umm.. you guys?" Julia says from the side. "The buses are all loaded up and I think we should hit the road. We can give Leah our number and she can call us tomorrow afternoon if she's interested."
Joey enters his number into my phone, telling me that he'll text me as soon as he can and they'll give me more information. As all the others leave, he leans in and hugs me, holding me tight.
"I'm glad I met you Leah," He says as he pulls away. Brian yells for him to hurry up and Joey turns around and flips him off.
"Bye Joey.." I say, smiling as he starts to back away. He turns around then waves his hand at me, like hes trying to wipe away those words.
"Nah. This won't be goodbye," He says as he steps on the bus. I stand there and watch their bus pull away, somehow knowing this wont be the last time I see those glowing brown eyes.

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