Random Short Stories

These are short Stories as in 1chapter long, funny,random, silly,anything really
I hope you enjoy them! And tell me what you think please, it means alot :)

Chapter 1

Writers Block...

I have writers block...
It's about one foot tall and wide, wooden, the letters are carved into it. It doesnt weight that much, really. I ate carrying it around... Stupid writers block... I wish I didn't have the burden of it. I mean, I have had it a long time... You have no idea! You can sort of see a 'W' and "T,E,R,S" and on the botton you can see a 'B' and a "K'. After cleaning it all day you can see that it is the colors white, with the letters the color of red. After its fully cleaned you can see that it says "Writers Block". I love giving the writers block, block to other people. You know, Walking by a desk and just putting it there. People hate that block. Everyone longs not to have it. Who knows... You maybe have it as well.

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