The 12th Hunger Games- SYOT

Submit your own tribute. Will your character be the victor? Or just one of the twenty-three dead? May the odds be ever in your favor. OPEN!

Chapter 1


by: Henrietta
The 12th Annual Hunger Games Are About To Begin.

But first we need tributes. Fill out the following to qualify your character for the reaping. I will randomly choose twenty-Four tributes, one male and one female from each district, to fight for the title of victor of the 12th Hunger Games. There is a very good change your character will die. Do not think I have anything against you or your character if the inevitable happens. I will not, however, ignore a single character in the pre-game sections. This is going to be a lengthy process. It will take a while to receive tributes, decide on the 24 tributes, and finally write about it. Please be patient, I will try to do everything as quick as possible.

You may make up to four characters. However, keep in mind I might only choose one. Therefore, don't make them too intertwined.

Age: (Between 12-18)
District: (If your character is more flexible, meaning s/he can fit in finely in multiple districts, pick more than one.)
Appearance: (Either a description or picture is fine.)
Personality: (This is one of the MOST important parts! Be thoughtful in your descriptions; make sure your characters has a mixture of good and bad traits. Be wary of clichés.)
History: (Include his/her life in district, whether or not s/he was trained, etc. Go up to the reaping where you should include whether your character was a volunteer or reaped and his/her reaction.)
Opinion of the Hunger Games:
Opinion of her/his district:

Before the Games-
Chariot Outfit: (Your idea. I might choose something else)
Strategy in Training
Training Outfit
Strategy in Interview
Interview Outfit
Mentor: (Your Idea. I need to make sure both tributes are compatible. Give appearance, personality, advice and training, etc. Anything is helpful.)
Stylist: (Give appearance, personality, etc.)

During the Hunger Games
Strengths: (3-5)
Weaknesses: (3-5)
Weapon of Choice:
Volunteer to die in the Bloodbath? (Yes or No. There is no guarantee that your character will survive the bloodbath! This is only a option for those who want volunteer.)

Open to Alliances?: (Yes or No. If yes, do you have preferred districts?)
Open to Romance?: (Yes or No. If yes, do you have preferred districts?)
Anything else I should know?:

I know, it's really long. If you don't feel like filling it all out, then don't. I just get carried away.


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