A New Project .:MaximumRideFanfiction:.

I am now obsessed with Maximum Ride [and Iggy] Manga, thanks to my sister. So, FANFICTION AWAY! I am not to give info anymore and just explain it through out the story, so... Yeah. Read the story, fool, or prepare to face my wrath! Meaning the flock who would be very cross with you for not reading about their newest member- Crap! i just gave away a bit of information...

TheFlock: Rikki!!!

Im sorry, guys! I hath failed thee!

TheFlock: ...

Iggy: I hath failed thee?

... Shut up.

Chapter 1

Breaking Out

I was curled up sleeping in my cage when i felt vibrations in the ground. Someone was coming. I sat up and looked around. There were six people going around the cages. The older blonde girl said something and everyone started opening cages. One of the guys opened mine. They said something, but I couldnt hear. So I said hello, with my mind. Hello. Who are you? He blinked.

He said something, but I shook my head. I cant hear you. Well I cant see you, so I guess we're even then. I'm Iggy. Why are you here? We're here to help you. But... you dont seem like you've been geneticly mutated. He was crouched down, feeling my skin. Oh, I have. I took my hat off and my ears popped out. Then I flicked my tail out from behind me. I'm a human-feline hybrid. See they- Explain later. Lets go now. I looked around and saw that Ari and the others were here.

I looked back at Iggy and nodded. But I... I dont... He held out his hand and I looked at it. What? I'll carry you. Lets go before they stuff you back in the cage again. ... Ok. I took his hand and he lifted me up and started running. I held my shirt down in the wind as we got out into the open air and went higher. His hand was on my chest and i pushed it down. Sorry. I looked up and he was grinning. I rolled my eyes and looked ahead. Sure you are.

We stopped, waiting for the blonde girl. She came and we flew. I gripped his shirt tight, not wanting to fall. Is the kitty scared?

I dug my nails into his chest. Shut up! Forgetting the heights, I yawned and nuzzled closer to him immensely tired. I glance over at the blonde girl. I can't hear you, but I can hear your thoughts. I'm not helpless as you might think. Oh! You're like Angel then. Who is she? The little girl? Yes. Yes, except I'm feline, not avian. I'll explain it when we stop. I yawned. Or maybe when I wake up... I nuzzled closer to Iggy and fell asleep.

I woke up and looked around. They were all looking at files. Finally awake, Kitty? I looked up at Iggy. How long was I out? Long enough. I looked up at him and he was saying something to them. What are you saying? I'm introducing you. Is Kitty fine? I have a real name, but sure. Kitty'll be just fine. His mouth started moving and then they all looked at me. I waved, then I was overrun with their thoughts. I clutched my head. SHUT UP!!! A tree blew up in a roaring fire. They blinked. Sorry, I huffed. Too many voices. I thought I would've gotten away from them. That... I pointed to the burning tree Nudge and Fang were now putting out. That is new, though.

Sorry, Max told me. We were all just curious. As to who you were. We don't have a file on you, and... And Iggy said that Kitty wasn't your real name. Does that mean you have a real name, and know who your parents are? I nodded. "I'm Charlotte Johansen. From Tennessee."

YOU CAN TALK?! They all shouted at me. I nodded. There's really no point for me to if I cannot hear people's response... So I just don't talk. They all nodded and I heard Fang's thoughts. You're different from the other feline-human kids. Less feline and more human. I nodded. They wanted me to be able to blend into society easier. They just started experimenting on me a few weeks ago.

I stood up and looked around. So what are we doing out here? Max stood as well. Well right now we're headed to Washington. Wanna join us? I smiled. I always wanted to see the white house. Great. I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the team. Could always use the help? Maybe you could burst some of the school's goons on fire? She grinned.

Then I was scooped up. I yelped and gave Iggy a dirty look. We're heading out. He told me simply and flew up and away.


Ah chiz this is so short. I am so sorry. This's been in my saved drafts for ages and I wanted to get it out.


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