School Is Hell-A One Direction Love Story

I know that most of them are OUT of school by now, but this is what they'd be like if they hadn't gone on to the X-Factor but went to the same school and were all 17 and still named there band 1Direction. And still loved by everyone.
By the way, at the start most of them seem mean, this is NOT how i think of them. They're awesome guys with awesome hearts.
P.S. they are the populars at this school.

Chapter 1

Introductions Are In Order

Name: Catherine (Cat) Sandes
Age: 17
Personality: Bubbly, wild, in denial about her beauty, sweet, loyal
Crush/boyfriend: No one.
Looks: dark red hair, baby blue eyes, fair skin, 5ft 5inches,xcitefun-cute-fantasy-2.jpg
Extra: cares about her appearance clothes wise, loves school, loves jewellery, hates lollies and fizzy but loves choclate. Sworn enemy of Louis Tomlinson

Name: Isabella (Bells) Devons
Age: 17 1/2
Personality: shy, quiet, depressed easily, smart, Short tempered
Crush: Liam Payne
Looks: Blacck hair, green eyes, skinny, 5ft 6inches
Extra: When she feels someone staring or gets shy, Isabella covers her face with her hair. Blushes at the slightest thing.

Name: Eliza (Lizey) Tamsen
Age: 17
Crush: no one
Personality: Sweet, kind, loved by all for her personality, grade A student, shy
looks: wavy dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, flawless skin, 5ft 6inches
Extra: blushes HEAPS, extremely talkative, babbles when nervous, best friends with Isabella. Can make isabella talk like no one else can. Enemy: Niall Horan

Name: Sasha
Age: 17
Boyfriend: Sebastian Keide
Personality: Grade A student, not afraid to speak her mind yet shy, sweet, short tempered.
Looks: 5ft 7inches, blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin.
Extra: can become freakishly scary and angry, kinda crazy sometimes, worst enemy is Harry Styles

Name: Brianna (Bree) Wouns (pronounced wooons)
Age: 17
Personality: Sweet, kind, short tempered, funny, wild, rAnDoM
Crush/Boyfriend: No one
Looks: 5ft 4iches, brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin
Extra: laughs and blushes alot, talkative, kinda random. hates cadbury, loves cherries, hates roses. sworn enemy of zayn malik.

Ok, so the guys are 17 and popular. Have gone out of their way to insult the girls every day and make each of the girls' lives miserable.

P.S. There will be different point of views, so at the start of each new POV i'll tell you whos it is.
P.S.S. This story starts midway through year eleven.

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