About How Much Im Hated- A True Story About ME

Im Sick Of Being Ignored , Pushed Away And Laughed At. Im Really Sorry About Making You waste Your Time Reading About Me And How Much People Want Me To Die , But In Here Are Some Poems About Me , Some Things People Have Said To Me , Stuff Like That. If You Read This , Even If You Think Im A Pshycotic Idiot...I'd Be So Grateful.

Chapter 1

Just ,,,,,Read.

Just Kill Me Now. So Many People Hate Me Anyway It Would Probably Be For The Better. Just Let Me Die. Im Sick Of Living Through This Torture Called Life. Most People Would Just Effing Laugh And Dance On My Grave Anyway , Im Obviously Just The Person Everybody Can Take Their Anger Out On. The Person People Can Laugh At , The Person Who Is Everybodys Little Anger Toy. The Worst Part Is , The Best Freinds I Have Ever Known Are People I Met Online. (And Alex). And The Ones I Met Online (An Alex) Are The Best Freinds I've Ever Met. So Maybe I Should Just Die , Cause With So Few People To Love Me , My Life Isn't Worth Living. I'll Just Strive On , Shall I , Wanting To Die But Atleast Then Everybody Has Somebody To Laugh At , Somebody To Make Feel Bad So They Feel Big.

Why Am I The Girl Who Gets Pushed Around?
Why Am I The Girl Who Tries To Smile Through Sadness?
Why Am I The Girl Who Everbody Hates?
Why Am I The Girl Who Nobody Cares About?
Why Am I The Girl Who Has To Beg To Play A Single Game?
Why Am I The Girl Who Tries Her Hardest But Always Fails?
Why Am I The Girl Who Is Always Pushed Away?
(Sorry , My Name Is Private)

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