Collected trivia/data from video games and fiction

Collected trivia/data from video games and fiction

Just some info I looked up on certain wikis and decided to share with everyone bc I'm too bored.

Chapter 1

Naruto zodiac representatives

Out of all the Naruto characters I know, these are the ones that seem to be themed after their zodiac signs:

Sakon and Ukon, June 20 - Gemini (for being twins under that sign)

Sasuke Uchiha, July 23 - Leo (Only because of his Lion's barrage)

Temari, August 23 - Virgo (Only girl I could think of right now who fits the definition of a 'Virgin lady.' Though I'm slightly uncomfortable using a Wind user for an Earth sign, but whatever.)

Jugo of the Scales, October 1 - Libra (do I need to explain this one?)

Sasori of the Red Sand, November 8 - Scorpio ("Sasori" actually means "Scorpion" in Japanese)

Kidomaru, December 16 - Sagitarrius (for his bow and arrow)

Suigetsu, February 18 - Aquarius (for everything he is)

Kisame, March 18 - Pisces (I'm sure we can all agree that sharks are fishes too, right?!)

sigh if only there was a Capricorn that could go on this list.

*Also I noticed that every Sagittarian in Naruto has Blood Type A.

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