Hetalia WW3: The Broken World

Hetalia WW3: The Broken World

I had put this story on Fanfic and decided to put it on here too ^^. Its under GuardiansLight, but I will try to put all the chapters on here. Enjoy! ^^ ((NOTE: I NEED TO REDO ALL OF THIS! ITS PURE BS! T-T and I thought it was going well))

Chapter 1

CH 1

"Alright dudes!" America yelled over the loud conversations as the meeting started. They all sat down and as usual, America was being an idiot. He with the whole super hero story about protecting the world about global warming was really irritating to hear. Especially to Britain. This meeting was getting nowhere, as usual. Germany sighed stressfully as he peered around the room, spotting three seats unusual empty.

"Oi America, Japan and Tokyo aren't here. Neither is Russia." Everyone turned to look at him shocked.

"What? But they're usually here early or on time." England stated, ignoring the whiny American. Quiet question like conversations formed.

"I agree with eyebrows-"Paris made a quick smirk but wiped it off. "-but I think they had a fight." Wales raised a brow.

"A fight? How do you know?" Paris crossed her arms and gave a heavy sigh. Everyone waited silently for an answer.

"Two days ago when I visited her….she seemed a bit off. And so did Japan." This caught Canada's attention and what it seemed, so it did to everyone else.

"So did Russia." Latvia spoke up. "he didn't seem like his usual self."

"Well, we already began without them. So we might as well continue." America shockingly said in a serious tone. Germany made a heavy sigh as everyone decided to agree. The meeting went on for its usual three hours along with the bickering and stupid fights. Some laid back and watched them laughing their hearts out or do their paperwork. England was yelling at Spain for talking to Wales, China was lecturing Prussia along with Beijing yelling at him, and Italy complained to Germany he wanted pasta. Soon the meeting was about to end until England's phone went off, playing the song: Young by Hollywood Undead. England blushed as everyone either chuckled under their breath or laughed loud enough to sound like a hyena.

"Sod off you bloody gits." He picked up his phone and answered. "Ello?" Everyone silently listened trying to hold in their laugh as they listened to the Brit's conversation. He jerked up from his seat and started to pack his stuff.

"England what's wrong?"

"My boss needs me, saying he needs me pronto." As he put the papers in his bag and headed for the door. "I'll see you in a while Wales." Turning the knob, he left the room and started walking fast in the hallways to the door leading into the parking lot.


"Yes sir, I am on my way." England hanged up his phone, pressing the button on his car keys. As the car turned on, it exploded. England fell back from the flames and car parts flying everywhere. He covered his face with his arms, slightly seeing the damage of the explosion. "the bloody hell?"

"England!" he turned to see America running toward him. America helped him up, putting his arm around his shoulder, and back into the building. "What the hell happened dude?"

"Somebody bombed my bloody car, thats what happened." England coughed out from the smoke as they headed inside. Wales ran to them.

"England what happened? We heard an explosion from the meeting room."

"His car exploded, someone bombed it." America explained as he set him on a chair in the lounge.

"What?" Wales gave a look.

"Ve~America! Wales! England!" Italy ran toward them. "turn the TV on-a the news! Hurry!" America grabbed the remote, turning on the lounge TV to the news channel. But started as static for some reason.

"Reporters say that Russia and Japan allied unexpectingly out of nowhere-"

"Rumours say that the new weapons they have created will probably start another war-"

"Both of their armies have-"

"What made the two ally together?"

"What are they planing to do?"

"What will become of this?" America turned off the TV, sitting down shocked of what the news people said.

"Th-this is a joke right? This has to be a joke!" Wales still looked at the TV, confused.

"Doesn't seem like it at all. We're going to have to talk to the two..."

"First lets find out who blew up your car. Whoever it was, they were definatly trying to kill you."

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