Aboard The Enterprise

This is a story based on the original Star Trek series, about eighty-four years after the characters were born. This takes place in the future, so it may take time to get used to the technology. Please comment if you have questions or suggestions.

Chapter 2


"Andriana Elise McCoy!" My grandfather called "Get OVER here." I put down the bucket of oats that I had been giving to my horse Thunder and wiped my hands off on my jeans.

"Yeah?" I asked walking up the steps of my Grandfather's house.

"Here," he thrust a letter at me.

"Um...thanks." I took the letter and opened it. After reading a few lines I looked up. "NO WAY!" I shrieked. A smile appeared over his face.

"You got in?" He asked. I nodded. "Good job Andy, your dad would be proud."

I smiled, "Thanks." Both my parents were dead. My mom died giving birth do me and my dad had died in an attack when the ship he was serving on was hit. That had been hard, I was 12 when he had died and my Grandfather had taken me to live with him. He had raised me, loved me, scolded me...he'd been the parents I didn't have.

We lived in a average size ranch house with horses, cats and dogs. I'd been working for years to get good grades so I could go to the accademy. I really wanted to go into the same field that all of my family had been in. The Medical field. I had entered a "drawing" to get into the accademy free of charge. I had make a video and all this stuff. They were only taking a few applicants. I was lucky to get in.

It was pretty exciting...like...a one in a million chance. I was confident, I was going to make my family proud. My family name...I might have had something to do with it. You know Dr. McCoy..."Bones" served with Captain Kirk on the Enterprise. Yeah...that's my Grandfather. And it was pretty cool.

A few weeks later...the day was finally here. I was leaving...I was actually going to the Academy. No pressure. I hadn't slept a wink. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower the hot water felt good...it seemed to wash away the nervousness of the whole thing, the doubts.

I washed my waist length red hair. When it was dry the curls in it hid its true length, but when it was wet....it was long. Stepping out of the shower I grabbed a towel and dried off. Walking to the mirror I looked at myself. Blue eyes like my Grandfathers' stared back at me, dark purple circles were etched there from lack of sleep...I haven't slept well in months. Getting dressed I walked out, I glanced at a clock. I still had 3 hours.

"Morning," I yawned coming into the kitchen. Grandfather stood at the stove making eggs.

"Morning how are yo- good God Andy...you look TERRIBLE" He nearly dropped a plate when he had turned around and seen my face.

"Nice to see you too." I muttered.

"Andy how long has it been since you've had an actual good nights sleep." He said setting the plate of eggs, some bacon and toast in front of me.

"Truthfully. Never." I started digging into the food.

"And you never thought that important to mention??" He asked, sitting down with his own plate.

"Not really." He looked concerned. "I'm fine, okay? Relax." We spent the rest of the time chatting. He gave me tips on what to study...who were good people if I needed something...and people to avoid. When it was finally time to leave...I was terrified.

We walked out together. Arriving at the shuttle craft...was emotional. I got out of the vehicle my bags had been taken and stowed on the ship already.

"Andy?" my Grandfather whispered.

"Yeah," I turned tears were hovering in my eyes...waiting to spill.

"You'll make us proud. I know you will." Then he wrapped me in a hug. I closed my eyes tightly, I felt hot tears trickling down my cheeks and into his graying hair.

"I love you." I half whispered, half sobbed into his shoulder.

"I love you to Andy." He pushed me away. "You be the best damned Doctor, Ensign, Captain, Engineer, or Science officer they've ever seen."

I smiled weakly, "I'll do my best."

"That's all you can do." And then he pushed me towards the shuttle craft, my hands tapping my sides nervously, the life I knew behind me and the adventure of a lifetime in front of me.

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