Aboard The Enterprise

This is a story based on the original Star Trek series, about eighty-four years after the characters were born. This takes place in the future, so it may take time to get used to the technology. Please comment if you have questions or suggestions.

Chapter 3


It was dark. Pitch-black, actually. I lay on the floor of the ship, holding my suitcase and feeling the vibration of the ship taking off. I hoped grandpa was ok.

I took out my communicator and stood up. I tried reaching grandpa, but only static came through. Still, I used the faint glow it emitted to find my way to a door.

I opened it, and climbed up a long dark staircase, my suitcase bumping up the steps behind me. I opened the door at the top and found myself in an electrical closet. Again, I opened the door opposite me.

I looked down the hall and saw rows of chairs lined up. It kind of looked like the inside of an airplane, the one used for traveling Earth. I walked down the row, looking side to side for an empty seat. I finally saw an empty seat at the front next to a girl with curly hair and blue eyes.
“Would do you mind if I sit here?”

The girl looked up from a book she was reading.
“No, not at all. Take a seat.”

“Thanks.” I sat down, but then stood back up to shove my suitcase into the overhead compartment. I sat down again and started drumming a rhythm on my lap. We were well in the air now.
“What are you reading?” I asked the girl.

She looked up again. “A medical book. You know, basic wounds and treatments and stuff like that.”

I nodded my head, then winced because I remembered the gash in my back.

She must have seen this, because she asked,
“Are you alright?”

“Um, yeah. I’m okay. Thanks.”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Dvel. Grandson of Spock.”

She gasped.
“Of Spock!? Seriously!? Oh my God!!! My grandfather has told me so much about your grandfather!”

“Thanks.” I said, feeling a bit embarrassed. Some of the people behind us and next to us looked our way. “Did my grandfather know your grandfather?”

She laughed. “Did he ''know'' my grandfather? Heck, he was ''inside'' of my grandfather!! I’m Andriana McCoy!”

Now it was my turn to be shocked.
“Like, granddaughter of Dr. McCoy?”

“Yup!” She said proudly.

“This is so cool!” She said. “It’s like, the generation ''after'' the next generation!”

“Yeah. Are you going to the Starfleet Academy in outer space too?”

“Uh-huh. I was a winner of the contest. You were too?”

“Yes. Maybe we’ll see each other there. What department are you working in?”

“In the medical field. You?”

“Science and medical. I’m probably going to give up medical when I get to the Academy, though.”

“Oh. And why’s that?”

“I think I know enough. Science is what I’m really going for. “

She nodded. A loud woman’s voice came on the speaker for the ship.
“We will be advancing into warp drive. Please make sure your seat belt is fastened.”

Andriana and I both tightened our seatbelts.
“Have you ever been on a craft or ship of any sort?” I asked.

“Just one. But we never got past auxiliary power. It was a short ride.”

Before I could answer, I felt the ship lurch a bit then I saw a blur out the window.
The voice came on the loudspeaker again,
“We are approaching Starfleet Academy Starbase 6. Please prepare for landing.”

Wow. Short ride.
Outside the window, I could see we were slowly moving into a humongous spherical globe. When we entered, I saw all the men getting ready to dock the big ship.

I saw everybody standing up to take their luggage out of the overhead compartment, so I did as well.

Andriana and I started walking through the hall of the ship to get off.

When I did get off, I stood still in the walkway, blocking other people’s way.

I was immobilized by the view.

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