2 Schools Connecting Into One Love (A Hogwarts/Durmstrang Love Story)

The story begins during the summer before the year of the triwizard tournament. It’s a tale about love from a young, careless Hogwarts female and a strong, charming Durmstrang love, can this one year fulfill them? Can love work out even with the distance there is between the two schools?

(I'll start this story after my Someone Like Tom)

Chapter 1


Name: Adeline Rose
Nickname: Adele
Appearance: Long, blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, fair skin, freckles on nose, small/shy smile, tall, slender
Personality: Shy, Kind, Caring, Hardworking, Stubborn, Brave, Loyal, Funny, Sarcastic, Modest, Honest, Careless, Calm, Loveable, Happy-Go-Lucky
School: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor
Wand: 12 Inch Holly Unicorn Hair
Birthday: July 27th
Age/Year: 16/6th
Friends: All The Weasleys, Angelina, Katie, Alicia, Cedric, etc
Family/Blood: Family has been close to the Weasleys for as long as it can be traced back, Dad works with Arthur at the Ministry, Pure Blood, considered to be blood traitors, has three older brothers who are over protective of her: Peyton (Age: 23) Adam (Age: 20) Carson (Age: 17)

Name: Andrei Raev
Nickname: Doesn’t Have One
Appearance: Dark Short Hair, Dark Eyes, Charming Smile, Tall, Muscular, Fair Skin
Personality: Charming, Athletic, Nice, Protective, Caring, Friendly, Stubborn, Argumentative, Brave, Funny, Sarcastic, Social
School: Durmstrang
Wand: 12.5 inch Birch Dragon Heartstring
Birthday: September 8th
Age/Year: 17/6th
Friends: Viktor Krum and everyone else in Durmstrang
Family/Blood: Pure Blood, no siblings, parents follow Voldemort but he doesn’t share their values because he thinks it’s morally wrong and he accepts everyone to have a chance.

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