2 Schools Connecting Into One Love (A Hogwarts/Durmstrang Love Story)

The story begins during the summer before the year of the triwizard tournament. It’s a tale about love from a young, careless Hogwarts female and a strong, charming Durmstrang love, can this one year fulfill them? Can love work out even with the distance there is between the two schools?

(I'll start this story after my Someone Like Tom)

Chapter 2

An Average Summer Day for Adeline Rose

It was August 13th, 1994. I, Adeline Rose woke up to the sound of my owl, Smiley tapping at the window. I sat up and yawned and looked at her owl, his distinctive feathers, bright red at the tips but grow brown towards the top, around his beak the feathers are shaped so it looks like he has a smile, hence the name Smiley.

I stood up and stretched and opened my window as Smiley flew in, a letter attatched to her leg. I smiled as I untied the letter from his leg and looked at the letter. It was from George.

I've been writing him all summer

Dear Adele,

Just another day huh? Writing to You. Well Fred and I found out that we will be going to the Quidditch World Cup. I wanted to ask you to accompany us if it's okay with our parents first. Fred and I kinda... intruded on their conversation as they were talking about it. They plan on inviting Hermione and Harry for Ron, So what do you say?


I smiled and wrote back,

Dear Georgie,

If it's okay with your parents, and my parents, I would love to come. Irish will win right? And of course you and Fred did, nothing changes ever, just your average summer day


I sent the letter off with Smiley and smiled as I gathered a pair of jean shorts and a ruffled blue tank along with my other clothes like socks and undergarmens before going into the bathroom and showering and getting ready for the day. when I was dressed and dried, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and headed downstairs to the kitchen to see Peyton, Adam, Carson, my mom, and my dad all up.

Caron joked, "there's sleeping beauty"

I smiled, "Morning family"

I sat on Adam's lap and he chuckled and reached around me and grabbed his coffee and took a sip. I smiled, "so Carson.. excited for your final year"

Carson smirked, "yeah of course. Except for NEWTS. Excited for your 6th year?"

I smiled, "yep, except to see my OWL scores"

My mom smiled, "speaking of that, they came in the mail yesterday."

I blinked as she gave me the envelope and looked at my scores

Defence Against the Dark Arts-O
Study of Ancient Runes-A
Care of Magical Creatures-E
History of Magic-O
Muggle Studies- E

My dad smiled, "well how did you do?"

I hummed, "only two acceptables, the rest Exceed Expectations or Outstanding"

Carson sighed, "better then I did"

I giggled as we all knew, I was the second smartest. Peyton was the first. He got O's on everything!

My mom kissed my forehead and put a plate of food in front of me and I started eating. Adam chuckled, "maybe that's mine"

I smiled, "liar"

I finished eating and hopped off of Adam's lap and smiled, 'Well what an average summer day it is for Adeline Rose."

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