2 Schools Connecting Into One Love (A Hogwarts/Durmstrang Love Story)

The story begins during the summer before the year of the triwizard tournament. It’s a tale about love from a young, careless Hogwarts female and a strong, charming Durmstrang love, can this one year fulfill them? Can love work out even with the distance there is between the two schools?

(I'll start this story after my Someone Like Tom)

Chapter 3

The Letter

My brothers laughed, "beacause you're just so average"

I kissed Adam's cheek and placed my plate in the sink, "funny. love you three too"

They all laughed and I sat back on my brother's lap as Carson stood up and ran off. I giggled, "strange"

Peyton smiled, "It's Carson"

I nodded, "true"

Carson came back down, "Adele! You have a letter."

I smied, "Read it"

He nodded, "okay. Adele, Fred and I asked our parents and they said you can come if it's okay with yours. They like you a lot apparently because they just kept going on and on about how they wished we were like you. So yean, you can come 2 days early if you wish so the 20th, the match is the 22nd. Hope to see you. George"

I smiled, "Mum? Dad? Can I go?"

"Well It's the Weasleys so yes'

I jumped off Adam's lap and hugged them, "thank you!"

Carson looked at the letter, "are you and George dating"

I laughed,"you're funny. Absolutely not'

He chuckled, " okay just checking"

I smiled and Peyton and Adam smiled, "maybe you're not so normal"

I laughed, "well thank you"

I skipped up to my room and twirled around as I looked at my quidditch posters. I was going to the Quidditch World Cup and I couldn't wait! It's always a blast with those Weasley Twins.

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