In Love With Him (A Hawkeye Love Story)

In Love With Him (A Hawkeye Love Story)

For AlicenPotter789: Alicen Taylor Fure, a loving teenage girl who is a black belt and specializes in the bow and arrow and hand to hand combat has a secret, she’s in love with Clinton Barton AKA Hawkeye. Can Alicen get up the right kind of courage to tell Clinton she loves him? Can a love survive between the two of them? Can a love between the two of them start with a threat that could end life on earth?

(This will start after Someone Like Tom and 2 Schools Connecting Into One Love

Chapter 1

Meet Alicen

Name: Alicen Taylor Fury
Apperance: Bright blue hair,pale soft fair skin, Light blue eyes, Fair soft thin pink lips, Thin,Very bright white teeth,(Clothing type:Normally a tank top and skinny jeans with convers, or a half tank top with a small diamond cut into the middle,with her boots,on special occassions a dress left to her by her mother.)
Personality: Kind,Loving,Sweet,Outgoing,Can be silent,Likes to think ahead,Is very easy to talk to,Likes to be in high places, Cant stand lies or people who are fake or not self confident,Loves archery,Loves friendly fighting,Has a secretly giant crush on Hawkeye which she hides very carefully,Loves to sing and dance,Is very acrobatic, Loves to do makeup,Talks alot,Loves her only living relative,Is wonderful at technology,Is very strong,Has a beautiful singing and dancing talent,And loves to listen to peoples troubles,and fixing troubles.
Family:Cousin=Nick Fury Parents=Deceased
Other: Is amazing with a bow and arrow,has a black belt in tai-chi,can speak Frech German and Russian,Is very quick and smart,Has great aim for throwing and shooting,and is great in hand to hand combat

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