I learned an important lesson today.

Chapter 1

Today we had a Geography Bee and a Spelling Bee during school. It lasted from 7th period until 9th period. I hate all of the people in my 7th period, except for Tyler. He's hilarious, and a good friend. He had nobody to sit by, so he told me to sit by him. We talked the whole way through it. A total of 2 hours and 15 minutes. First we talked about him. He likes this girl named Kathryn, so we talked about possible scenarios with him and her. Then he turned the tables on me and asked me where Nathan was. I said, "I don't know, and I don't care. He's put me through so much and acts like he doesn't care at all." Then he told me something important. He said to me "Well, Ash. Sometimes there's good in goodbye." I wish I would've heard that earlier.I've held onto Nathan since October 18th. That's the day we started talking. 86 long days ago, I never knew I would've been in the position I am now. I'm hurting so bad. I can't do anything right for Nathan. I make a joke, so he yells at me. I accuse him of something, he yells at me. You can't win with him. Then we come to school, smile and laugh like nothing happened the night before. It's. Sickening. I've done everything to please him. Nothing works. I went that extra mile. He sure the heII didn't. He starts the conversations, but always ends them with "I'm tired." or "Okay, I'm gonna go smoke." I'm just so dang sick of it. And I'm glad Tyler had that long talk with me today. It really opened my eyes. And to all of y'all, pleaaaaaase listen to what Tyler said. It will save you so much hurt and pain in the long run. Well, I thought I'd share that w/ you guys. Nighty-night! ♥


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