who would you fall for? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 19

I am getting better its only been a week this time :D and sorry its in story form it was easier ok so this one is going to blow your mind and there is a surprise in here today :) todays song is Love Is Our Weapon by: NeverShoutNever!

Chapter 1

yeah so story time :)

by: nyan_sama
You all rush to the back to see Candy and Connor covered in blood Candy holding a chainsaw and Connor holding a bloody bunny tail and Matt on the floor in a puddle of blood not moving "got it" you immediatly crouched down to feel for a pulse and you got one but it was weak and fading fast "what did you do to him" you cried "we did what he wanted"

Matts POV- 5 mins before "come with us only you though" they said, I followed them silently as we got to the back I saw it was even creepier back here. We got to the back and I was dissappointed, "would you do anything for this Matt" Connor asked me "yes anything" I said turning to them but when I turned around, they were gone then I felt excrutiating pain as I yelped and fell unconcious.

I opened my eyes to see a dude with black hair and teal eyes on a couch in front of a TV "come on over, do you know why your here" he asked "I don't know, I thought I blacked out" I replied "ok well lemme do this right then, Welcome to the Under world you are close to death so we must see what kind of life you lived, I am your demon for this journey, Dillon, come take a look at this TV" he recited. As I walked over and sat down thhe TV click on and I watched my life go by, the mintue _ came on the screen I felt sad wow she is really having an impact of me I thought when Dillon paused the screen "who is that" he demanded. "That's _, she my.... friend"

"I've finally found her" I heard him mumble "what" I asked "listen we don't have much time, this _ she has a twin sister her name is Reina and she's in trouble we're recruiting people to help she will be the queen of the Vampires and someone is trying to make it so he's king the wedding is in two days and its our job to crash it, are you in" before I could answer I felt the room fading and before it faded completely I heard Dillon sigh "why does this keep happening to me"

back to your POV we rushed Matt to the hospital as fast as we could and as I sat holding his hand I thought about everything and if he would be ok as well as Tyler when I heard "_
" it was faint but it pulled me out of my thoughts I saw Matt looking at me "_ we need to talk" he said squeezing my hand...

Tylers POV I sat here the dusty, grimey walls were being to close in on me. I feel like I'm going crazy but as long as _
's ok that's all that matters. I knew what Seth was trying to do, he wanted the beast to take over but if that happens it will take a while for me to gain control again but at this point I don't care as long as while I'm the beast I don't harm __ and I don't think I will so as I sit here I feel myself slipping away and I don't mind I'll just let it take control.

back to your POV Matt told you about your twin and everything else and it all came down to you, did you want to help her "I'm in" you said "I want to meet her but we have to get Tyler first ok" "deal"

no specific POV "well if they want to recruit so can we" Josh said as he picked up the phone "yes hello I am calling for that favor you owe me, yes yes do not dissappoint me Seth"


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