YOU INSULTED MY OTP!!!!!! Shiits 'bout ta go down

YOU INSULTED MY OTP!!!!!! Shiits 'bout ta go down

This is me ranting about my OTP's

Chapter 1

Klaine <3 you can probably tell from my profile, I freaking LOVE Darren Criss. He is cute (more like fvcking hawt) he has brilliant manners, and he's a freak, like me :( As the title says....SHIIT WENT DOWN! I went freaking balistick on him! I was gonna leap through the screen and shoot him! I have a bi-smexual older brother, so i'm ultra defensive. But you insult my Klaine and my Santitany...its all freaking OVER! I will KILL someone for doing that. Stupid homophobes! And i also love Artie and someone insulted hi m and i lost it. I fvcking LOST IT!!!!!!!! You dont insult someone's OTP or obsession....they will die before they let someone insult them.

Another thing is...why are people stupid??? They dont understand that Darren isnt gay, but Blaine is. THEY ARFENT THE SAME PEOPLE, YOU DUMMIES!!!!! (Not you guys, but stupid youtube people) That just really annoys me

Thanks for listening to my rant
~There is nothing more Bad A*s than being yourself


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