Snow's Army ~ An Original HG Fanfiction

Story by Drea and I. (Drea - QuizGirl912) ~~Katniss Everdeen is fighting a war against Snow, and the odds seem to be in her favor. Little does she know, Snow has a secret weapon. Tributes from previous Hunger Games that seemed to be strong and able were stored and kept hidden in the Capitol. He and others under his command have control over their brains. Snow doesn't an important piece of information, too, though. Two tributes escaped the torture of brain control, and they will put up a fight.~~

Chapter 1

The Room

Trotseer's POV

Bobby and I run through the forest, the crumbling of leaves and snapping of branches of twigs signifiying that the Careers aren't far behind. I'm running so fast, head spinning, that I don't notice the root of the tree sticking out below me. I tell her to run, but she refuses to leave me behind. I will her to keep going, win for the both of us, but she doesn't want to live without me. My pleas are no use. The Careers step up to us, and I don't bother to say anything, do anything, because something inside of me knows it's my time. I see an arrow whiz through Bobby's heart, and I don't have any time to mourn for her, because one whizzes through mine in the next second. I die instantly.

I wake up from yet another nightmare of my death. The rest of Snow's brainwashed minions are still sleeping and will be until snow decides to wake them up. Bobby and I discuss our tactics. But you probably have no idea what's going on, so let's skip back a few notes.


I suddenly woke up, and at first, I thought my death was just a dream, that I was still in the hellhole of the arena. But then I see other people, much more than 24, cramped into a miniscule room. Panic strikes me as swift and painful as a lightning strike. Terrorizing thoughts of how I got there, why I was there, why I felt a breeze on the top of my head danced through my mind and triggered buckets of sweat and trenmbling hands. I looked next to me for Bobby, seeking the comfort of discussing what was going on with a friend, but she was still asleep. All the panic and crazed ideas were giving me a headache and making my head spin. I lied back down, closed my eyes, and immediately fell back asleep.

Bobby's POV

I was running through the woods with Trotseer. My life was flashing before my eyes. I saw my family, loved ones that I would never see again, people I would make certain that Trotseer would have to visit and speak to when he won. I had decided a long time ago that he would be the one to win. But now, things did not seem so certain. Careers were chasing us, and I had to make sure that Trotseer got out of the woods. Suddenly, he disappeared. I looked down and saw he had tripped over a root.

I ran back to him. He begged me to leave, but I wouldn't, I started to try to drag him up, but it wasn't working. You have to win, you have to win for me, win so my family can meet you and see why I loved you, you idiot, I thought. The Careers appeared, and I knew there was no turning back. I faced them, sure that this was the most pathetic way to die, never telling Trotseer--

Before I could finish my thought, an arrow had dug its way through my chest. I fell on top of Trotseer, and my eyes closed. "I... love... you," I choked out, but I knew he wouldn't be able to hear me.

My eyes snapped open and I sat up straight. I was in a bed. My hands fumbled over my chest, feeling for the arrow, but then I looked to the side and saw that Trotseer was awake next to me and I realized that I must have looked very strange, feeling my chest like that. I moved my hands to my sides, and then turned to him.

"Trotseer, I... I think I had a very bad dream," I said, looking at him.

He didn't even look at me. "Me, too."


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