For Fun.

Chapter 1

Comment what you got?

I'm bored, so I made this up:

Color shirt:
Red: I cried With
Blue: I kissed
Yellow: I laughed at
Green: I sneezed at
Orange: I sniffled at
Purple: I was mad when
Striped: I partied with
Pink: I licked
Other: I kicked

Hair color:

Blonde: A Panda
Black: A teddy bear
Red: My mom
Brown: My brother
Brunette: My dad
Other: A lamp post

Birth Month:

Jan- Because I protested
Feburary: Because I ran away
March: When it was the cat's fault
April: Because I was dared
May: With Justin Beiber
June: Because I was sad
July: Because I was mad
August: Because i'm cool
September: Because i'm awesome
October: With my crush
November: With a celebrity
December: With my dog

My sentance:

I partied with a panda cause i'm awesome. XD


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