LOVE is the strongest 4 letter word weasley twin love story Part 2 (READ INTRO)

Character 1
NAME: Ryder McDonald (i LOVE irony)
HOUSE: Hufflepuff
LIVES: Wolfeboro, NH, USA
BF: Ethan Jones (don't blame me 4 a lack of imagination)
Hobbies: karate, hockey, gymnastics, dance

Character 2
NAME: Rosa D'Amici
HOUSE: Hufflepuff
LIVES: Billerica, MA, USA
BF Jacob Sullivan
HOBBIES: basketball hockey lacrosse

Chapter 1


Ryder's P.O.V.

I board the plane barely concentrating on anything.I feel completely useless to do anything to change hat's happening. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. LEAVE.
But I have to. I can still visit...
BUT you can't see your friends and have to start over I argue with myself,
suddenly angry.
Frustrated I throw my bag down into the seat I'm going to sit in and sit in the seat I'm saving for Rosa.
I'm still boiling with rage when Rosa taps me on the shoulder, "You're sitting in
my seat." She says in a completely serious voice, but grinning at me
"Go away, stranger." I say back, getting up for her to sit.
she laughs and then we fall into an angry silence, or at least i do, her expression is unreadable.
We stay silent for awhile and i try to think about the good points of moving to England to prevent me from causing a scene, but I'm not coming up with any

Rosa's P.O.V.
As i am bording the plane i see Ryder in my seat. I can tell she looks frusterated about this because usually she doesnt sit in someone elses seat. I go right up to her and i say
"Your in my seat" then she says in a sarcastic voice
"Go away stranger" with a smirk on her face. As i put my bag below me and i sit down and i look out the window. There is someone in the Airport who kind of looks like Jacob. This sight almost made me burst into tears so i decided to go to the bathroom. As i am in there the pilot annouces,
"Ladies and Gentlemen we will preparing for take off" and as soon as he said that, we took off. As we are in the air i started pucking. The sence that i am not going to see Jacob is such a painfull thought. I love him with my life and i cant see him. We have skype, but thats still not the same. He is my heart and without him, its broken
How will i ever live again?

Ryder's P.O.V
My heart throbbed with the pain of leaving.
Sure I can visit everyone, skype them, too, but I want to see them every day like we used to.
Whenever i tried to tell my mom this she said that I'd see them often enough and that i'd make new friends.
But I don;t want NEW friends, anyway, like they'd even want ME as a friend. Some stupid american.
I put in my earbuds and turn on my ipod. I listen to Evanescence, Skillet, Three
Days Grace, Paramore, Parachute, BVB, and Simple Plan until I fall asleep.
Or atleast I think I do because, when Rosa shakes me awake, we're almost landing.
Here we go. We're finally here.

Rosa's P.O.V.
as i was listening to my ipod, i kept looking over at Ryder.
She didnt seem to look very well, probaly the notion of not seeing her friends and BF, bout she also looked sick.
As i was listening to my ipod, the song "God Gave me you" by blake shelton came on. I remember when i first heard this song with Jacob. We had our first kiss because of this song. I started to cry alittle and Ryder told me it was going to be ok.
Yes i am a country fan and i come from New England, but i dont care. Funny right, im moving to England and i use to live in New England . How ironic. I listened to Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Aerosmith, Usher, and Taylor Swift. Ryder fell asleep so i had to wake her when we landed. We were finally here.
Our new home.

Ryder's P.O.V
As soon as Rosa and I walk into our house that both of out families are sharing, we both ran up to the one room we had to share that had a bunk bed.
We rock, paper, siser'd for the top bunk, I won.
We put away our stuff and ran outside to see what everything was like around here in Ottery St. Catchpole.
as we're walking around we find a large clearing that would be perfect for us to play sports iin. After we leave the clearing we run into a girl with very blond hair and a dreamy, like completely zoned out, expression on her face.
She waves to us and says: "Hello, I'm Luna Lovegood."

Rosa's P.O.V
As me and ryder stepped into our new house, my heart did a flip.
It was a nice house, i will admit, and big enough for my family and Ryder's family. We went put to our room and there was a bunck bed. I really didnt want the top so i tried my best to loose to Ryder at rock, paper, scissors.
Thank God she won.
we went into the back where a huge clearing was awaiting us. Then as we were in the clearing, a girl called. We turned around to see a very blonde girl. Shes british i said in my mind. Maybe i could fake my accent. Hope Ryders thinking the same thing. We have always been good with the British accent so maybe that will work. "Hello, Im Luna Lovegood" Lovegood, quite interesting.

Ryder's P.O.V.
Can I fake an accent?
No. i suck at them. Rosa's good at them though, so she'll probally do one, I can take my chances.
"Hello, I'm Rosa, and this is my cousin, Ryder."
I wave kinda akawardly, unsure of how I should greet her.
"Are you new here, i don't think I've seen you before." Luna asked in a soft, sing-songy voice.
"Um, yah we just moved here." Rosa said, i still didn't talk.
'Where from?" She asked, amiling at the flowers on the ground.
Rosa and I both remain silent. We look at eachother, uncertain what we should say.
It's okay, i won't laugh.' She assurs us kindly.
So I speak up. "America, we moved here from America."
""That's brilliant!" She says, i was relieved that she didn't mind this, because a lot of people from other countries don't really like americans. 'Where in America?"
"NH.' i say.
"Mass." Rosa said.
"Where are those places."
"New England" We say at the same time.
"Oh. Where do you guys go to school?" She asked.
"Um... it has has an odd name." i say uneasily.
"Oh mine does too."
'What's you school name.' Rosa asked tentivily.
"Hogwarts." Luna said simply.
"That's funny, we do to!" Rosa shouted!
"Or will in the fall, atleast!" I put in.

Rosa's P.O.V.
Luna walked up to us. I said "Hello im Rosa," and i can just tell ryder didnt know what to say so i said for her,
"This is my cousin Ryder."
She ask where we were from and we had to explain what state and what part of the country.
We invited Luna in. She told us that our decorte was beautiful. I like her. Now i cant wait to meet everyone else at hogwarts.
Wonder how Ryder is feeling

Ryder's P.O.V
"SO, luna, you understand the rules of playing baseball now, right?" I ask.
"Yes, i do.' She replies.
"Okay, so hwo are the captains?" Rosa asks.
'Um... How about Monica (Rosa's older sister) and Bridget (My little sister). They haven't been captains in awhile." I say.
"Okay, Bridget, you chose first."
"Jason (my older brother)."
"Brendon (Rosa's younger brother)"
"Ryder." Monica says.
"kristin (my cousin who lived in Ireland)."
"Liz" (me and rosa's cousin who lives in Surry)
"Christina." (our other cousin)
"Emma" (new neighbor)
"Daniel" (emma's brother)
"And we're the Refs" our parents say screaming as they approch the field.
"Let's play ball!!!" I shout.
Once I get over to my stuff, Monica tells me to bat first.
"Awesome!" I shout.
We take our posistion and Brendon is pitching. He throws a mean fastball.
The umps call me up to the plate, Rosa's in the outfield. No shocker there, she's an amazing outfielder.
I see Brendon wind up, I take a deep breath and swing as hard as i can.
I hear the ball hit my bat and see it go soaring.
I run as fast as i can to first, then seond, and then before i get to third Rosa's caught it and thrown it in.
"What are you doing-"
"On our field?" Two redheaded twins shout across the field at us.
"Did the malfoys send you?" Another, younger redheaded boy asks.
"Excuse me! Your field'! I'm pretty sure that this is this is the middle of the woods that no one owns!" I yell back angry.
"Yeah who said we couldnt play here?!? there is no pickit fence here!" Rosa yells.
"Fair enough." The first twin says.
"What are you playing?" The second twin asks.
"Baseball. Duh!" I say.
"What's 'baseball?" The third guy asks.
I fall to the ground laughing and rolling because they have no idea what baseball is. Seriously,it's halarious.
"Sorry about her, it's an american muggle game." Rosa says.
Course she says that she is the more mature one.
Finally I stop laughing, and stand up whiping tears from my eyes, "So what are you all decked out for, anyway? Football?"
"Nooooo..." The second twin says.
"Who would wear this for football?" The first twin asks.
"Ummm... professional players, and EVERYONE ELSE, jeez!" I say.
"Wait, which football are we talking about? There are two different types"
"What?!? There are two different types. I thought the only one was when men tackle eachother and get hurt its funny!!"
I could hear the twins whiper to eachother, "What's her problem." "She's messed up."
"Thank you!!!" I say sounding 100% sencere, and I really didn't care at all.

Rosa's P.O.V
(this is being picked up from the end of Ryder's P.O.V)
"Yeah she really is messed up" I said
"Yah but you loves me!" Ryder says giving me a hug.
"You wish" I said patting Ryder on the head with a smirk on my face.
"So you american's really do hug eachother all the time!" The first twin says.
'You catch on fast!" Ryder jokes.
"So what are your names?" the first twin said
"I'm Rosa, thats Ryder, trust me you will never forget her name"
"Who are you" Ryder asked
The frist twin says: "I'm George, and this is my twin, Fred."
The younger boy says his name is Ron and the little girl that we hadn't noticed said her name was Ginny.
"So what were you guys going to play?" I ask.
"Quidditch." Ron answers.
"Oh i love playing Quidditch I always play as chaser while Ryder here plays as beater"
Ryders smiles insanely.
"Your freaky." Ginny says.
'Thank you, and I try my best." Ryder says.
We left so they could practice. I have to addmit, I kinda like that George kid.

Ryder's P.O.V.

No. Fred is NOT cute! I'm with Ethan. I paced my and Rosa's room while she was taking a shower.
I tried to focus on a memory of Ethan's face, to distract myself from Fred.
gah!!! It wasn't working.
I DO NOT even remotely like Fred! He's... No WAY! just no way!
I climbed onto my bunk and layed, stairing at the celing listening to anygry, loud music to just forget my delima. I didn't even hear Rose enter our room.

Rosa's P.O.V.
I was in the middle of taking my shower, when all of a sudden George came to my mind. I know i cant think of him, i am still dating Jacob. I told myself and Jacob that we will stay together forever.
My problem is that Jacob looks so much like George. Their red hair and green eyes, its all too much.
When i was thinking of them, i slipped in the shower and almost hurt myself.
I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself, and walked into my room to find Ryder sitting on her bed and we both knew we were thinking of the Weasley's

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