The boy Who lost the girl- Original poem by me

Wrote this and was inspired by this song-

Chapter 1

An original poem

This boy

Sorry he said no

Lost the girl

The girl he wanted

He tried so hard

So hard to get her back

Lost her

Because of his words in the past

He wont let go

He tries everyday

Never got her

Thought a sad thought

Wrote a note to his parents

Said goodbye to friends in texts

Deleted his things

Put away his things

Took the gun from his closet

Wore his suit

Cried the whole time

Put the gun to his head

Pulled the trigger

Life flashes before his eyes

Falls away from life

Whispers goodbye

Parents and friends find him

They cry all day and night

They wish they knew why

They soon find out

The girl hears on the news

She cries to sleep

She wishes she would have taken him back

She does the same as he did

They soon find each other in heaven

They hug and kiss

They stay together in heaven

They watch their family from above


~By Leonella AnnaBelle C:


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