Dare to Dream: A One Direction love story

Hi guys! This is my first story so please comment! :) It is about 5 beautiful boys (One Direction) who all find true love whether there is hardships or not! :) enjoy! XOXO

Chapter 1

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

Talia POV
I sat there in bed wondering and dreaming of all the wonderful things that could happen when I moved to London. I had been exceptionally good at English at school so I decided to move to London where there are more Universities and better opportunities for me. I sighed and turned over in bed and glanced at the alarm clock. 4:26am it read. I had to be at the airport by 6:30am so that I had half an hour to say goodbye to my friends and family before i departed at 7:00am. I decided to have a shower and pick out some good clothes to wear at the airport.
After a shower I dried and straightened my luscious brown hair and threw on some clothes. I glanced in the mirror and looked at my hazel eyes, checking if I still looked drowsy or not. I looked fine so I picked up my suitcases and placed them in my small red convertible. Geez I would miss this car in London. I grabbed the keys turned on the car and drove to the airport.
After saying my goodbyes to my family I started to head towards the gates that lead into the plane. I was really depressed that my two best friends Maddison and Sarah weren't there to say goodbye. As i tried to hold back tears I heard someone yell out my name. I skidded around and saw Maddy and Sarah puffing towards me with arms full of suitcases. "What are you guys doing!!??" I said.
"Well we couldn't possibly leave our best friend to move to London without us!" Maddy said. "And anyways, Sarah piped up, we can't miss an opportunity to be in the same city as One Direction!"
"What Direction?" I said confused.
"Gahh, we will explain on the flight said Maddy ushering us into the plane.

Sarah POV
Phew I thought, that was a really long flight! It was very funny too watching Talia's face every time me and Maddy told her facts about One Direction! I swear she was really interested but at the end of the flight she wanted to kill us because we wouldn't shut up about them! Oh well, we arrived at the luggage area and sorted through the luggage to find our own suitcases. Talia and I found our stuff pretty quickly but Maddy was a different story! After waiting for 25mins I had had enough. "Maddison Palmer why don't you hurry your little but up and get your luggage together faster, or even better don't bring that much stuff!!!" I yelled. She turned around and looked at me funnily and we all cracked up laughing!! Her expression was so funny! As our laughter gradually died down I spotted her last bit of luggage going back around the conveyer belt. "AHHH THERE IT GOES" I screamed and dove onto it. I picked it up and dragged it slowly over to where my 2 best friends were giggling at me. "Geez Maddy what do you have in here?"
After loading all of our stuff into a taxicab we sped down the streets of London aweing and gasping at any spectacular thing we saw which was pretty much everything! Then all of a sudden the taxi stopped. "We have arrived" said the driver. We all looked out of the window and our jaws dropped in awe. The building was beautiful! At the top of the building a huge sign said DREAM APARTMENTS. They sure were dream apartments! We all unpacked our stuff and headed to room 204 which was the room that Talia was officially staying in. Just as we got to the room Talia gasped "Oh no you guys! There is only one bedroom! How are we all gonna fit??" While she stared at us in disappointment me and Maddy exchanged a gleeful wink and turned to Talia and said in unison "Don't worry we have it all sorted, take the keys back to reception and meet us at room 624"

Talia POV
Okay, now the girls were really confusing me. What was there little mischevious plan? I went to pick up my luggage and head back down to reception to drop back the keys but they told me they would take my stuff. I shrugged and thought suit yourselves and headed to the elevator. As I pushed the button for the elevator I stuffed my headphones in my ears and started listening to the song Maddy and Sarah put on my phone "What Makes You Beautiful". It was quite catchy and a really good song. I noticed the elevator door open and stepped inside with my head down when all of a sudden "OOOFF!" I was knocked onto the wall of the elevator.
"Craapp" I heard someone mumble. I tried to stand up but saw stars so I sat back down dizzily. "Oh dang sorry!" the same person said. He had a cute british accent and sounded gorgeous but that thought was quickly washed away with the painful pounding I felt in my head. I felt someone move towards me and help me up. I looked up finally ridden of the stars and the pounding and saw a guy wearing a pair of sunnies and a hoodie. He's cute I thought. "Are you alright love?" he said. "Y-y-yeah" I said mumbling slightly embarrased. "Oh good" he said bowing to me. Bowing? I thought. Man he is strange or maybe he is trying to cheer me up. I giggled and he stood up properly again and grinned at me showing me the most beautiful smile in the world. I was instantly in love and I knew I had to find out more about him. "Why bow?' I said. "Oh it is the least I could do to an incredibly beautiful person like you." he said with a wink. "HA!" I scoffed but didn't continue with the subject. "So what is your name" he asked.
"Talia. Talia Goodwin, and your name?"
"Louis" he said uneasily. "What about your last name??" I said. "Ummmm." he said while biting his lip "Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson" he said and started to cringe. "Whats wrong?" I asked. "Huh? What? Don't you know who I am?" he said. I shook my head confused at what he was going on about. "I am from One Direction" he said. I was going to question him when I thought out loud " Hey ummm shouldn't the elevator have stopped yet?" Then all of a sudden the lights went out.

Louis POV
Woah this was creepy. All the lights just turned off suddenly. I looked around trying to find the built in clock on the elevator wall but it had stopped working. "Oh no, I groaned, The elevator stopped working" Talia gasped and moved closer to me. We both sat down and leaned against the wall and I took out my phone and put the flashlight app on so it lit up the elevator. I saw Talia sitting next to me with a worried look on her face. Gosh she is beautiful. As soon as I saw her face I was in love. I hope she thought the same about me but wait, how could she when i still had sunnies and a hoodie on. I took them off and looked at her face. She was fiddling with her phone probably texting her boyfriend I thought. "Who are you texting? Is it your boyfriend?" I said before I could stop myself. She looked at me like I was crazy "No I don't have a boyfriend, I am texting my friend, she will be worried about me." "Ok" i said. "Do you live here?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled "Haha yeah I moved in today" Then she told me all about why she moved here and how her friends decided to come with her and how they mysteriously told her to take the keys back and everything. After about 45mins the lights came back on and we exchanged numbers. Just before she got off the elevator I looked into her eyes and kissed her cheek softly. She blushed and said a quick goodbye and hurried out of the elevator. Just wait till I tell the boys about her! I thought.

What did you think?? please comment and give me ideas!! xoxx

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