Dare to Dream: A One Direction love story

Hi guys! This is my first story so please comment! :) It is about 5 beautiful boys (One Direction) who all find true love whether there is hardships or not! :) enjoy! XOXO

Chapter 10

Don't Breach My Trust!!

Harry’s POV
We had gotten to a night club called ‘Funky Buddha’ and as we got inside I heard Maddy talking.
“Who wants to dance!?” Maddy said a little tipsily. Izzy shook her head at her and laughed. “What’s so funny Izzy,” She said sternly, “There is nothing wrong with a bit of daaaancing!” she dragged the ‘a’ which made her sound hilarious. “I’ll dance with you.” I said nervously and before I knew it, I was up on the large dance floor. Talia had followed us but Louis dragged her off to the bar. There were people everywhere and it was a bit clammy but Maddy seemed to be having the time of her life! She was bopping around as if there was no care in the world and she was laughing. That amazing beautiful laugh was so seductive and hypnotizing. I stopped dancing and stared at her. She was so cute and adorable. Oh how I wish I never said that stuff on the Ferris wheel. She noticed that I had stopped dancing and she looked at me whilst taking a sip of her drink. “COME ON HAZZA!! DANCE!!” She screamed and threw her arms in the air causing her drink to go flying onto a familiar looking guy. “OI!” he yelled. He turned around and glared at the two of us. “Olly? What are you doing here?” I said exasperatedly. No wonder he looked familiar. It was Olly Murs! “Harry! How are you?” he said breathlessly as a hot lady came up from behind him and started grinding him. He grinned cheekily and without waiting for my answer or even saying goodbye, he turned and left with the lady closely following him. I turned back to Maddy but saw her heading towards Liam, Louis, Talia and Angela so I followed her pursuit.
“Hey guys. What’s up?” I said as Louis handed me a drink. I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was so I put the glass of whatever drink Louis had put in it and I skulled it all down. I took a deep breath as the drink slid down my throat and made my chest feel all tingly. I smiled and Louis handed me another drink as he skulled his drink down too. “Louis..” Talia warned.
“What?” He grinned goofily and used his Louis charm.
“Just don’t get wasted. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. She said then turned and glared at me, Or you either” I laughed and she walked off with Louis. They were arm in arm and seemed so happy. Jeesh, they had only known each other for a couple of days and they are so close already! They were such a cute couple and it seemed as if they were destined for one another. I wish I had that kind of relationship with someone. I shrugged away the thought and turned to find Maddy. She was nowhere in sight and I started to panic. What if she was in trouble? I thought which made me panic even more.
Without hesitation I plunged into the depths of the sea of dancing people and I kept a sharp eye out for Maddy. I spotted her talking to a grungy looking guy and she had a frown on her face. The guy was moving closer to her and was wiggling his eyebrows. Nuh-uh! I ain’t putting up with this! I ran towards her and pulled her away from the guy.
“HEY! Mate what the fvck do you think you are doing?!” The man said and as soon as he opened up his mouth, the smell of alcohol washed over me. I put my arms around Maddy’s shoulders and faced the man.
“Mate! I asked you a fvcking question!!!” He yelled. “This is my girl! I found her firrrrsst so I get to have her!” He continued. He sickened me.
“Just because you saw her doesn’t mean she is yours! Bro, I have known her for longer then you!” I snarled back. He took a big breath and stuck his chest out, making him seem bigger.
“H-Harry, he was trying to g-get with me!” Maddy whispered and let out a big burp. “Oops!” She giggled. Her giggle was so cute, I thought. I snapped back to reality as a firm hand slammed down on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw a pair of eyes glaring at me. It was the same man and he was in my personal bubble.
“Excuse me sir but you are in my personal space.” I growled and he sniggered.
“What’s going on here?” I heard someone say. I turned around and there stood Liam, Angela, Talia and Niall. I smiled at my friends and turned back to the guy who was eyeing Liam and Niall. The man coughed a few times then shoved past me towards Maddy. He grabbed her shoulders and started to drag her away but I stepped in front of him with Niall and Liam behind me. The girls must have gone to get security or something because before we knew it two blokes dressed in black suits were dragging the drunk man out of the club.
We shook off that little experience and all sat down to have a big drink. “Where’s Sarah and Louis?” I asked. Niall laughed and pointed at the bar. There sat Louis and Sarah with drinks in their hands and they were laughing at something. “Someone better go stop them from drinking too much.” I said and Niall and Talia got up and left to talk to them. I had decided I was gonna stay sober for Maddy’s sake, just in case some other prick was gonna try to use her.
“Umm I um have go to the toilet.” Angela said as she stood up disrupting my deep thoughts.
“I’ll come with you!” Liam said a little too excitedly. “I mean. If you want me to come?” he said innocently.
“Sure.” Angela said and they walked off together.
“Thank-you Harry, for before.” Maddy said and smiled at me before dragging me to the dance floor once again.

Angela’s POV

It felt really clammy in here and I was starting to sweat so I decided to make up an excuse about needing to use the bathroom. Liam asked to come with me and I obligingly agreed. He followed me but I didn’t head to the toilets, I headed outside.
I took a big breath of the night’s fresh air and I smiled. That was better, I thought to myself. “Are you alright?” Liam asked politely. I turned back to him and looked him up and down. I wasn’t gonna fall for his niceness. I had trusted a ‘nice-guy’ and had my heart broken, in the worst way possible. I mentally shook myself allowing the memories of what I called the dark days, to go away.
“I’m fine thanks. I just needed some fresh air. That’s all.” I told him and he nodded with understanding. I looked around and spotted a sign that said Botanic Gardens so I started to walk towards it. I had always loved the outdoors and was eager to check out some late-night garden walking but as soon as I had walked a few steps someone caught my wrist. I whipped around and looked him in the eyes, seeing no sign of showing me any harm or abuse. But as I stared into his eyes, I noticed that they looked familiar. They looked like Joseph’s eyes. Joseph was my ex who was very very horrible to women. I thought we were in love and that we would grow up and get married. I was head over heels in love with him and I thought he loved me just as much back. Well, that was what I thought until I saw him in bed with that stank-eye biartch Karen. I felt betrayed by him and ignored him for days until one day he came over my house when he knew that my parents were working. He found me bawling my eyes out in my room and he apologised. I told him I couldn’t give him another chance and that I didn’t want my heart broken anymore. He slapped me then. The slap that changed everything that was ever between us. I finally saw him for what he was. He was looking for someone to use. I told him that I wasn’t ready for ‘it’ and he seemed hesitant. The night after that was when I found him with Karen. He started to pull my hair then. I screamed and that seemed to please him more. He punched me in the gut, which ended up winding me. He forced me to take him back and make me pretend that nothing happened. After that day he would beat me till I was black and blue but my parents were too oblivious to realise what was happening. One day I had had enough and I was going to stand up for myself. He came over my house and dragged me to his car. I didn’t know where he was taking me but I was scared. He was speeding and I could smell alcohol on him. The last thing I remembered was a semi-trailer smashing into the side of the car that Joseph was on. That was the last day that he ever hurt me. It was also the last day that he had lived.
“Angela!! ANGELA!” I heard someone yelling and I snapped out of my old thoughts. I looked up to see a pair of brown eyes and realised that I must’ve zoned out and completely been irresponsive to Liam. He looked worried and he walked me to a nearby bench where he sat down and put his hand on my shoulder. He looked at me as if waiting for me to say something but I sat there quietly as the tears I hadn’t shed for almost a year poured out. Liam took my hand and rubbed my back. “What’s wrong?” He persisted, but I didn’t answer him. I cried until I had no more tears to shed and I was left hiccupping. I glanced at Liam who looked very worried. I smiled awkwardly at him and he frowned. “Why were you crying? What happened?” He started to ask a million questions but I waited for the silence to engulf us once again. I took a deep breath and sighed loudly. I had to tell him now that he had witnessed me crying my eyes out for the months that I had suffered pain. Over and over again.
“Liam! You must not promise not to tell ANYONE about this!” I said through gritted teeth. I didn’t want to tell him but something inside me was telling me to launch into my life story of sorrow and pain. And that is exactly what I did.
He sat there in complete shock afterwards and hugged me tightly. I didn’t return the hug, instead I sat still and stiffened myself. He pulled away and looked too stunned to speak. “You must never ever speak about this to anyone!” I said. He gulped and nodded yes. I don’t know why I told him. I had never told anyone but he just seemed like the right person to trust. We sat there for about 5 more minutes before he broke the silence.
“Wow. That is so sad.” He said tensely. I shrugged my shoulders and looked glumly at the ground. A light breeze brushed against us and my Blondie-brown curls bobbed in the wind. The sign that said ‘Botanic Gardens’ squeaked in the wind and I looked up at the trees inside of its gates.
“Come on Liam. I don’t think my muscly legs can take much longer of this bench.” I said trying to break the silence. He widened his eyes and glanced at my legs. I shuffled my legs over so they were in the shadows of the looming trees and he pouted. “Come off it Liam. You were just trying to have an excuse to look at my wonderful legs.” I said playfully. He grinned cockily and stood up. I copied his movements and we walked through the large gates of the botanic gardens. We admired plant after plant and we had a big heart to heart talk and got to know each other really well.
We were nearly in the middle of the large area when we heard a noise over in a nearby shrub. “Sssh” Liam said and he crouched down. We walked in the shadows trying not to step out into the light of the beautiful full-moon that was hanging overhead. We got nearer to the bush and I had to stifle a laugh at our sneakiness. We had no idea what was making the noise but our curiosity got the better of us. We were a metre away from the shrub and Liam motioned a pulling apart movement. I nodded understanding what he was indicating. He stepped around to the other side of the shrub and mouthed “3….2….1…GO!” I yanked one end of the shrub towards me and Liam did the same to the side he was on. There laying on the ground were two people who (thankfully)had clothes on. “OLLY!!” Liam yelled. The man looked up and his eyes got wide.
“Uh…Umm.. We were.. Umm.. Just leaving.” He said nervously and I could see his skin turn red in the moonlight. He jumped up and raced off with the tall blonde girl racing after him. After they disappeared around the corner Liam doubled over laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh either and soon enough both of us were clutching our stomachs and wiping tears from our eyes. When we got our breath back we got up and started walking again snickering every now and then about the hilarious scene we had just witnessed. “Hah. You wait till I see him in the studio next. I will have a good time teasing him.” Liam said jokingly. I stopped in the middle of the path and felt my mouth flop open unattractively.
“Wait? Are you saying that that was Olly Murs? THE Olly Murs?”I said exasperatedly and laughed again. “My cousin is best friends with his cousin!” I giggled and continued walking in the moonlight with Liam. We were nearing the end of the path of the gardens so we decided to retrace our steps. We came again to the shrub that we found Olly in and as we were walking past it, I noticed something shiny. I stooped over and noticed a set of car keys resting in the leaves. I picked it up and handed to Liam who instantly gasped.
“Omg! These are the keys to Olly’s vintage blue 1969 bug!” He yelled and we both quickened out pace. We were walking pretty fast and we turned a sharp corner. I saw a dark figure slam into me and I slammed down onto the ground with a loud “Oof!”
“Omg! Sir watch where you are walking! Or running in your case!” I heard Liam saying with annoyance in his voice.
“Liam! I left my car keys behind! I have to go! Sorry love!” I heard the familiarity of Olly’s voice and saw Liam jingle the keys in front of Olly’s eyes.
“You’re welcome Olly.” He said as Olly ran off again. Liam bent over and lent me a hand. He pulled me to my feet and I smiled at him.
“Thanks Liam.” I said and pulled out my phone. “Holy crab! It is nearly 1:00am Liam! Let’s had home!!” I said quickly. Liam drove me home and gave me a solemn promise that he would never tell a soul about my private story that I had never told anyone.
As I laid in bed that night, I thought about how lucky I was. How lucky I was with my job. With where I live. I thought about how awesome and understanding Liam was. I knew he would never breach that trust. I was so happy with myself and I knew nothing could disclose this happiness……Or so I thought………..

I am so sorry I haven’t been writng lately!! I have been very very busy :3 <3 Luv y’all lots :D xox especially Angela!! Mwah!

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