Dare to Dream: A One Direction love story

Hi guys! This is my first story so please comment! :) It is about 5 beautiful boys (One Direction) who all find true love whether there is hardships or not! :) enjoy! XOXO

Chapter 2

Dreams Do Come True

Maddy POV
"Please Talia please tell us one more time!" I pleaded. She had told me and Sarah about her and Louis about six times but I just couldn't believe it. Well not until she showed us the little name Louis Tomlinson in her contact list on her phone. I couldn't believe it that my best friend met THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and even got a kiss on the cheek from him! I mean it is every 19 year olds dream!!! Although I am extremely happy for her I can't help but have a hint of jealousy. No no no I thought shaking my head as if hoping I could shake away the jealousy I can't be jealous of my best friend.....Or could I?

Louis POV
"So did you kiss her on the cheek or lips?"
"Zayn! I already told you, I kissed her on the cheek!" I groaned.
"Nice move mate."
"Thanks Niall." I sighed, the boys are so frustrating sometimes, but I still love them.
"WAAAAHHH!" screamed Harry.
"Harry what's wrong mate?" I asked worriedly.
"T-there will be no more Larry Stylinson, it will be Talouis Goodlinson!" He said in a baby voice.
"No Harry! Don't do this to me! I love you Harry!!!"
"Oh shut up you guys." said Liam jokingly.
"You're just jealous that you don't have any romance in your life Liam!" I said defending myself. I was just about to jump on Liam and start wrestling him when my phone buzzed. I yanked it out of my pocket and saw it was from Talia. I felt my cheeks burn bright red and I almost screamed with joy!
"Aw ickle Louis got a message from Talia!" Niall said trying to embarass me.
"Shut up Niall" I snarled as I walked off to my room. I plonked onto the bed and started reading the text from Talia which said HI LOU WAT R U DOIN?. I replied DREAMIN OF SUM1 BEAUTIFUL ;) .After about 50mins of texting I asked her what room number she was in and she said room 624. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it. She lived right next door to me.

Talia POV
"Hey you know what? We should go visit them right now!" Maddy squealed.
I glanced at Sarah and I swear she was about to faint but Maddy's sqeauls maintained her consciousness. "I'll ask Louis right now" I replied excitedly. A few moments after I sent the text I got a reply saying SURE THING..AND BRING UR FRIENDS :) I flopped down onto the bed and couldn't believe my luck! I showed the girls and Sarah actually fainted!
After a few minutes Sarah regained her consciousness and we decided to get dressed up and look as pretty as possible. We put on some good clothes and did each others make up and hair. I wore a short, frilly peach coloured dress, Maddy wore a skin tight, orange, waist length shirt with long jeans and Sarah wore a cute, floral dress and I must say we all looked gorgeous!!

Harry POV
Louis must really like this girl I thought. He got a text saying that Talia was coming and he told her to bring her friends and as soon as he finally realised that the girl of his dreams was coming over he ran out to the sofa and yelled at us to clean up because we were having visitors. I asked who and he said Talia, and she is bringing friends. Then he gave me a wink. Well that was 18mins ago according to Louis watch and we were all sitting on the sofa waiting for three girls to come over. "Louis. Can't I just go grab a snack?" Niall whined. "NO!" Louis snapped, you have to be here to see the unveiling of the most gorgeous girl ever!" "Louis you are making it sound like she is a museum an-- but I was cut off by the sound of a fist tapping against the door. Louis jumped up, took one last look in the mirror and opened the door with pride. The first girl walked in and well she was pretty fit. She had a pretty face and was quite hot but when Louis introduced her as Talia I knew I couldn't admire her any longer so I focused my gaze on the second girl that had walked through the door. She was slightly taller then Talia and had lighter hair and Talia had introduced her as Sarah. I glanced at the other boys to see what they thought and I noticed that Niall was gawking at Sarah. I laughed under my breath and turned to look at the third girl that walked through the door. My eyes fell upon the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. We met each others gaze for a few seconds and I felt my heart beat faster, faster then it had ever beat in my entire life. I wanted to be with her. Make love with her. Be her one and only for all eternity. She was my soul mate. I knew it. We were made for each other and each other only. She smiled, blushed then pretended to be interested in the T.V. I heard someone in the distance call my name. "Harry! Harry! Earth to Harry!" I gasped and snapped out of my daze. Louis laughed then said "We should all go out to dinner tonight, us boys and the girls." He stood up to go to Talia but before he turned away he whispered "By the way her name is Maddy."

Maddy POV
As soon as I walked through the door to One Direction's apartment I felt someone staring at me. I searched everyone's eyes to find who my starer was. I left Harry's eyes for last because I knew as soon as I stared into them I would instantly melt. I found none of the others looking at me so I turned to Harry. He was staring at me, looking directly into my eyes so I stared back. I looked deep into his eyes searching for a sign of love for me. There was a look and expression about him that made me think, maybe he is the one..

Sarah POV
Niall is so flacking hot!! He was always my favourite out of the boys and I could not believe I was in the same room as him. I noticed him looking at me as I walked into the apartment and as I saw him in person I had a sudden splurge of confidence. I drew in a deep breath and walked towards Niall and sat next to him on the couch. As soon as I sat down I realised what I had done. I was usually the shy one and maddy was really outgoing but that was the opposite today. "Hi gorgeous!" I said before I could stop myself. I slapped my hands over my mouth and looked around trying to find somewhere to escape to. I spotted an open door that lead to the kitchen. I jumped off the couch and bolted through the kitchen. I leaned against the fridge and gulped in big breaths or air. Man that was shameful. I turned and looked through the kitchen window wondering how I could get out of the apartment without anyone noticing when suddenly I heard the door open behind me. I turned and there stood an blonde, Irish angel smiling at me. "Uh hi" he said uneasily scratching his head. "Uh umm.."
"I'm sorry Niall I ummm didn't really mean to say that but--he ran towards me and pressed his lips against mine with fierce but passionate love. After around ten seconds he pulled away and stood back to see what my reaction would be.
I stood there staring at him starting to get worried and regretful. "Wow Niall..I-I-I r-really loved it. I never knew you were such a good kisse- but he cut me off again by signalling me to be quiet. He grinned and said "Well just be my girlfriend already!?" he added a wink. "Anything for you babe" I whispered. I leant in to kiss him but he hissed "Quick pretend to be cooking! The others are coming!" So we practically broke our necks by diving into the cupboard and fridge acting as though we were looking for some ingredients for a cake. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam poked their heads through the door and Liam said "Sarah we are all going out to dinner so go get dressed up and Niall stop pretending to cook because we all know what happened"he chuckled as Zayn, Louis and Harry doubled over onto the floor laughing. "Bye Niall" I said turning to leave but as I was about to leave the apartment I felt a pair of hands grab my waist and the owner of the hands spun me around. "Where is my goodbye kiss?" he said sulkily. "Niall I am only going for 20mins and anyways we don't even know each other that well." I said looking at his disappointed face, "but since you are so gorgeous I can't resist the temptation."I said pulling him into a kiss.

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