Dare to Dream: A One Direction love story

Hi guys! This is my first story so please comment! :) It is about 5 beautiful boys (One Direction) who all find true love whether there is hardships or not! :) enjoy! XOXO

Chapter 3

Just A Dinner or a Proper Date?

Hi guys my internet wasn't working properly so I had to write this chapter in word then copy and paste it here and everytime I put an apostrophe in or the " " it made it into a wierd looking a so apologies :)

Talia POV
OMG! I couldn't believe Louis loved me! The girls and I just went to his apartment and he told me he loved me and I told him my feelings for him! Maddy was on the ground sobbing her heart out because Harry had looked at her and she had just met One Direction. Louis had asked us all to go to dinner, the boys and us girls so we all agreed and I and Maddy raced back over to our apartment to get ready. A few minutes after we got back Sarah finally came back from the boys’ apartment with a dreamy look on her face. "Sarah what’s wrong?" I asked. I watched her open and close her mouth as if she was trying to speak but didn’t have the strength. "Sarah, please tell me what happened!" I shrieked. "I-I met an Irish a-a-angel!" She stuttered. "What the heck!" I blubbered. "She is talking about Niall" Maddy said, seeming to have recovered from her overwhelming feelings from seeing One Direction in flesh. "Yeah speaking of, what were you and Niall doing in the kitchen?" I asked suspiciously. "Oh we were, um, just cooking!" She said in a cheeky voice and added a slow and deliberate wink. "LIAR!" Me and Maddy screamed at the same time. “"Ok, Ok, I will tell you!" Sarah sighed. And tell us she did! She told us every little detail. From the way his eyes sparkled whenever she looked into them and the way she felt a strange tingling feeling and sparks when she kissed him. I glanced at the clock and gasped at the time. It was 5:45 and we had to meet the boys for dinner at 7:00. "Woops, I said, come on girls we need to get dressed and while we are getting dressed you can tell us the rest of the stuff that happened, Sarah." Sarah nodded and we all headed to have our showers. We got dressed up really fancy and done our hair. We were about to get started on our make-up when I got a text from Louis saying PLEASE DON’T WEAR MAKE-UP TONIGHT…ME AND THE BOYS PREFER A NATURAL LOOK…. I showed the girls the text and we all groaned together, "Just a little bit of mascara?" Sarah asked me cheekily. "No Sarah not even a little bit. Whatever Louis wants me to do then I will do!" I said proudly. "Yeah I will do anything for Harry." Maddy sighed, "He is so beautiful. His eyes are gorgeous, he is super cheeky which I love in boys and, well, he is absolutely perfect!" "Shhh, listen, did you just hear that?" I asked as I looked around confused at the loud banging noises I was hearing. BANG! "OOOFF!" I heard someone gasp. We all looked at each other confusedly as we heard someone laugh from outside. "Shut up Liam!" I heard someone yell. Yep. There was no mistaking it that that voice was Harry Styles. We all listened carefully as Harry continued speaking. "You are just jealous that the most beautiful girl on Earth didn’t call YOU perfect!" Maddy looked at me and Sarah in shock, "Did you hear that? She whispered, Harry Styles just called me the most beautiful girl in the world!"

Liam POV "I think they are coming Harry! Run! RUN!" I yelled and we turned in to our apartment and sat down on the lounge trying to hold back hysterical laughs. We heard the sound of a soft fist tapping against the door and they let themselves in. "Hi guys!" Maddy said beaming at us as Zayn came out of his room and sat on the opposite couch. The girls all took a seat on the couches and Maddy ended up being squashed up against Harry. Zayn turned on the T.V and flicked through the channels until it landed on MTV. We listened to Justin Bieber’s new song 'Boyfriend' and all attempted to sing the words to it. Harry new most of the words but the whole time we could here Niall singing it perfectly somewhere. Probably in the kitchen I thought. The song finished and it went onto an advertisement. Zayn clicked the info button on the remote and saw that the show we were watching was called 'The Best Male Singer Hits' he clicked off the info button and finished watching the advertisements and a little number popped up on the screen saying #1. We waited in anticipation to see what the song was but I was pretty sure we all had the same idea of what it was going to be. On the screen it started playing the video clip to 'What Makes You Beautiful' and we all started belting out the lyrics. After the song finished Zayn turned off the T.V and started talking to Talia and Sarah. I glanced at Harry and saw him sweating his guts out and every so often glancing at Maddy. I couldn’t blame him, I thought, I mean look at her she has curves in all the right places. Suddenly, Sarah broke off from the conversation she had with Zayn and Talia and turned to me "Where is Niall?" she asked. "Right here babe!" he called out popping his head out of the kitchen door and giving us all a wink. "Is everyone ready?" Louis called out from his room. "We sure are!" I called back and he came out of his room with a bunch of roses for Talia and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Niall POV
Sarah stood up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen and opened the door. "Hey Niall." She said staring at me with a confused look on her face. "What’s wro- I was about to ask but she started giggling at me. "What?!" I said looking confused. "Do you realise you have chocolate all over your face?" She said in-between giggles. "Oh damn." I said, embarrassed, as I tried to scrub it off. "Where is it?" I asked her. "Right here and there." She said rubbing it off with her own finger. I stared into her eyes the whole time she was clearing my face of chocolate and when she finished she looked up at my eyes. "What?" She asked blushing a little. "You’re so beautiful." I said as I leant in to kiss her. "OI! Lovebirds, we are leaving!" Louis yelled. "Kill the moment Boo bear, kill the moment!" I growled.
We all piled into a limo and set off to the London Grill, a really stylish restaurant in London. After a five course meal, we started to head off to the London Eye, a really huge Ferris wheel. As we arrived we all piled out of the car and stared up at it in awe. No matter how many times you may see it, it still manages to take your breath away. I felt Sarah hesitate beside me so I looked down at her and saw her face full of fear. "Sarah what’s wrong?" I gasped whilst pulling her into a hug. "I am afraid of heights." She told me. "Aww babe don’t worry I will be there for you!" I told her taking her to buy tickets. I bought her ticket for her and we got into one of the carriages (I don’t know what to call them :P). She immediately squeezed her eyes shut and shuffled next to me. The Ferris wheel started moving around and she let out a small whimper. I took her hand and kissed her lips softly. She kissed me back quickly for a few seconds. I was shocked she was doing this but I realised she must have needed me there because she was frightened. She paused momentarily to move onto my lap and resumed kissing me from there. All of a sudden she pulled away. "I’m so sorry Niall, I don’t know what came over me!" She stammered. I gave her a wink and said "I liked it!" I pulled her back onto my lap and pulled her tight against my body and smashed my lips against hers, kissing her furiously. Suddenly the Ferris wheel lurched to a stop which caused us both to go flying onto the ground. I looked around and saw we were at the top. "Wow." I heard Sarah murmur. I looked at her and saw she had her hands pressed against the glass wall. I smiled to myself. I think she has just gotten over her fear of heights.

Louis POV
I bought Talia her ticket and led her to a carriage. We got in and started talking to our hearts content and before we knew it we bad stopped at the top to take in the overwhelming view of London at night. Talia gasped and said "It's beautiful!" I couldn’t stop myself from turning towards her and saying "Not as beautiful as you." She looked at the ground and blushed a dark red, which is my favourite colour. I took her hands and pulled her chin up so that she was facing me. I leant in to kiss her and I swear as soon as I kissed her lips I felt a massive spark of electricity run through us making us believe that we were made for one another.

Zayn POV
Me and Liam seemed to be the only 'single' guys out of One Direction at the moment so we decided to go in the same carriage. We bought our tickets and closed the door to the carriage. We were just getting comfy when the door opened up again revealing a girl and a boy around my age. The girl was gorgeous and looked absolutely stunning and the guy seemed like an absolute tool. Liam and I watched in horror as the guy dragged the girl to the seat opposite us and started making out with her. I cleared my throat to let them know that there was also Liam and I in here and that we didn’t really appreciate the fact that there were people making out right in front of us. The girl looked up with an apologetic look on her face and I felt at that moment that she had stared at me for, my heart skipped a beat. The guy pulled his face back against hers as the girl tried to push away. "Ian there are other people in here as well and anyways I am kind of getting sick of being used." She mumbled. The guy, Ian, stood up and pulled his hand back prepared to slap her in the face when suddenly I grabbed his hand. He turned around confusedly and I used that opportunity to lay a really hard punch on his jaw. I didn’t know what came over me but all I knew was that to protect this beautiful girl was my number one priority at the moment. Ian crashed into the wall causing his nose to bleed and turned to face me. "Is this some sort of joke? He asked the girl, "Because this isn’t funny!" He yelled. He stood up and said "If it’s a fight you want then it’s a fight you’ll get!" He swung a punch at my head but I ducked and kneed him in the gut and swung my fist again in his face. He lay there on the ground unconsciously and I supposed I had knocked him out. I looked at the girl and her face was full of horror. "Don’t worry, he deserved it." I told her. "I-I know." She managed to say "but you really shouldn’t of done that." She said looking scared. "He will kill me now!" "Don’t worry, you can come live in our apartments! In fact we have some good friends living next to us and they have two spare bedrooms so I can persuade them to let you stay." She nodded her head in agreement. "Hey Liam, I said turning around to face him, you know what song this reminds me of" I chuckled. "What?" he said looking as white as a ghost. "Save You Tonight!" I yelled, "come on sing it with me Liam!" so we started singing the lyrics to the girl who’s face dropped halfway through the song. When I finished the song she said "Aren’t you from One Direction?" She said looking between us. "Why yes we are my dear friend who’s name may be?" I said. "Isabelle. Isabelle Smith." She smiled.

Hey guys! Sorry if it is a little short  hope you enjoyed!! xoxo

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