Children In Love (an Alec Volturi love story)

Children In Love (an Alec Volturi love story)

My story begins when Bella gives birth to Renesmee.
Anyway, let me introduce you to my character.

Name:Jessica Danielle Cullen
Looks:Honey-coloured eyes,Blonde wavy hair,Pale skin color
Special abbility:can control people (can't go true Bella's shield)
Changed: 815 A.D.
Age:1212,looks 15
D.O.B.:31 july 800 A.D.
Personality: Charming, Sweet, Friendly, Emotional

Chapter 2

They're coming!

by: siva951

It is a few months ago that Bella gave birth to Renesmee. Bella is a vampire now. To save her, Edward injected his venom into her heart.
She is a pretty calm newborn. She does'nt freak When she's around humans. Renesmee is a hybrid. Half human, half vampire. She can eat human food and sleep. It's hard to get used to an additional member in the family.
Our family now has 10 members (11 if you count Jake).
We are all in the living room. Rose is combing Renesmees hair (Yeah she has hair Already) and Jake is trying to make her laugh (Which is not working), Emmett, Jasper and Alice are playing Monopoly (Emmett is cheating), Mom and Dad are watching a coocking program (Do not ask me why) and Bella and Edward are having a moment together.
Suddenly i feel sad and alone.I'm the onlyone in the family That does'nt have a mate.
Bella has Edward, Jasper has Alice, Rose has Emmett, Mom has Dad.Even Renesmee has a mate (Not yet but you know what i mean).
I'm probably going to be someone with only her cats as company.
Edward chuckled
. I forgot for a second that he Could Read My Mind.
'What?' i tought 'Cats are good company. "
He chuckled even harder.
'What's so funny? "Alice asked.
Quickly Emmett snuck his player a few squares ahead.
"Keep your eyes on the game." i muttered.
"Emmett! You cheater!" Alice yelled and slapped his head.
Renesmee laughed and clapped her hands.
I chuckled.
Renesmee really was the cutest baby I've ever seen.
I sighed and thought about Alec.
I still had the bracelet he gave me the last time i saw him.
Alec.He's Already Dead by now.Get over him.
I mentally slapped myself.
Suddenly I noticed that everyone in the room was quiet and all looked at Alice. She had a vision.
She said only four words.
"The Volturi are coming."

Someone gasped but i didn't look who.
I grabbed Alice's shoulder.
"You know why, Alice?" I asked.
"They come for Renesmee.Irina thought she was an immortal child, and she reported it to the Volturi."
"Oh, no!" Bella put Renesmee in her lap and held her tightly.
"We have to do something! They'll kill her! "Rosalie yelled.
I looked pleadingly at Jasper. He nodded and i immediately felt Calmer.
Then I looked at Carlisle.
"What should we do?"
Carlisle frowned.
"We can try to talk and prove that Renesmee is not immortal child. But we need help when it comes to a fight. "
I took a deep breath.
'Do we have to ask for help? "asked Edward.
Carlisle nodded slowly. "I think that's the best."
Everyone picked up his phone.
I dialed a number.
"Hello?" a familiar voice said.
"Siobhan? We need your help. "

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