Metaphorical Labyrinth

Chapter 1

Rachel Walsh

by: Apathy_
Rachel Walsh sat in her room, dowloading music onto her iPod from iTunes and checking constantly to see if Cat Sullivan, her best friend, was online. Cat was on holidays in New York City,and Rachel missed her like hell. She'd only been gone for a week, and was supposed to come back after another two. Rachel didn't know how she'd lived through a week without her best friend,but she did know that she wouldn't be able to survive another two without Cat. She checked again. Cat still wasn't online.
Rachel's mother appeared in the doorway. She looked sick. Rachel sat up striahgter.
“Mum, are you okay?” she asked. Her mother really looked like she was about to throw up.
“Rachel,” she whispered, he face as white as a sheet. “Rachel, you have to come downstairs. On the news... It's... She's... Oh, Rachel...”
“Mum, what's wrong?!” Rachel asked, sharply.
“It's Cat. On the news. She's missing.”

Rachel bounded down the stairs and saw Cat's blandly smiling face filling the television screen.
“The remote,” she screamed at her mother, “WHERE'S THE REMOTE?!”
Her mother gestured towards the kitchen table and collapsed into a chair, sobbing heavily. Rachel wasn't crying. Why would she? There was nothing wrong with Cat. This was just a sick joke. Right?
Rachel rewinded the television to the start of the news story, then started to watch. And with every word the news reader spoke, the weight pressing down on her chest grew heavier and heavier, until it threatened to consume her completely.
“Irish teenager, Cat Sullivan, has been missing in New York City for the past seventy-two hours. Fourteen year old Cat was on holidays with her parents when she went out to buy milk at a near by convenience store for her parents. But she never returned.
“Security cameras in the shop tell us that she did, in fact, arrive at the convenience store, and went missing on her way back. Kidnap is suspected. The Gardai and New York City Police Department are asking anyone who may have witnissed the encounter or who may have information concerning Miss Sullivan's whereabouts to come forward immediately. Mr and Mrs Sullivan were unavailable for comment.”
And then Cat's face. The perfect, shining blonde ringlets.The shining, white, perfectly straight teeth. The deep brown eyes, filled with mirth. Rachel knew this picture well. It hung in the Sullivans' hall. It was Mr and Mrs Sullivan's favourite picture. And now it was on national television.
Rachel saw black spots forming in front of her eyes. Her mother's sobs sounded distant, as if she were hearing them from an alternate dimension. And then everything went black.
“Pascal Sheehey, RTE News,” said the television in the background.

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