Metaphorical Labyrinth

Chapter 3

Rachel Walsh

by: Apathy_
Rachel was sad. No, worse than that. Rachel was depressed. She hadn't heard anything about Cat for almost two weeks, except for one story on the news that reported her iPhone had been tracked to the side of the road outside a Super Target in a suburb outside of the city. It was smashed to pieces. It could have been thrown from a car; or a helicopter, for all Rachel knew. The police couldn't know how far the kidnappers had travelled, or if they were even moving in the same direction. They might as well have never told anyone, because it only made Rachel more nervous than ever.
Now, all Rachel ever did was eat and breathe. In between the eating and breathing, she watched the constant news channel. She spent her days on the couch, crying and waiting for the announcement that would pronounce Cat dead. Because it must come, must it not? Rachel was certain it would. She was sure Cat was dead. It had been almost two weeks since Cat had been reported missing. Rachel didn't think that Cat's kidnappers would keep her alive for that long. And they hadn't asked for a ransom, so that must mean that she was no longer alive.
Rachel felt most sorry for Cat's parents. They'd already mysteriously lost Cat's younger brother, Jason, the year before. Rachel shuddered. Don't think about that, she told herself. She couldn't let herself. If she did, the guilt would set in...
A small part of Rachel still had hope. Hope that one day, Cat would show up again on her doorstep, when Rachel was least expecting it, alive and well.
Did she just see what she thought she did?
Rachel did a double take at the television. She could have sworn she'd just seen Cat's name on the yellow and black news banner at the bottom of the screen. Yes. Yes, she had. And now Cat's face filled the screen, scaling down quickly to fit the frame beside the newsreaders head. Rachel turned up the volume as loud as it would go and leapt across the room until she was right in front of the television. She'd probably get an ear problem, but hey, what did she care? Cat was dead, anyway. It wasn't like she had a reason for life anymore.
The newsreader started talking. Rachel leaned into the television. She didn't want to miss any of this.
“Cat Sullivan has been found, after two weeks missing. She was discovered by a group of teenage boys in Central Park, at six thirty this evening. The boys report that she was scarred around the eyes and nose, and bleeding from several wounds. She was found unconscious and half-naked behind a bush.
“We are unsure as to how long Cat has been there, as she is in no fit state to tell us. She was rushed to hospital last night, and her parents informed of her discovery.
“The hospital staff examined her and announced that Cat has been turned blind. They are unsure as to what caused this, but judging by the nature of the scarring, they suspect an explosion of some kind. Her wounds have been judged non-lethal, although extensive. She will be fit to return to Ireland in about a week. Her friends and family look forward to her return.”
Rachel couldn't believe it. She killed the volume on the television, and lay on her back, staring at the ceiling. Cat was alive. Alive. She was so happy. So what if she was blind? At least she was alive! Cat was alive. And that was all that mattered.

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