Sadness (a poem)

I thought I'd make a sad one since I made a happy one. So its like a sequel.....I guess...

Ⓒ cstar11

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Sadness is sad.
Very bad.
Sadness can be you.
Along with the color blue.
Sadness can be me.
And very gross tea.
Sadness can be time.
Do not eat a sour lime.
Sadness can be music.
We cannot excuse it.
Sadness can be books
and those who uses hooks.
Sadness can be depression
A hard confession.
Sadness is what we feel.
Like pretending to be a seal.
Sadness is now.
But how?
We will never know.
Like a lost bow.
It is the past.
I always come in last.
Sadness comes and goes.
I wish it never came. You know?
It happens to all of us,
Such a fuss.
Sadness is in your head.
While crying in bed.
Sadness is a dart.
The one who broke your heart.
Sadness is pain.
Something we can and cannot contain.
We try and try.
Until we cry and cry.
We let it out
Some even pout.
Its part of life.
Although I wish I had a knife.


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