The silver world

hair- orange sholder legnth
age- 12
hight-5,6 -still growing
friends-none tell she mets Katy

Chapter 1

Chapter one- Discovery

chapter one- Discovery

by: Pusheenosaurus
Rose looked out the window it was pouring down rain. Her dad had gone out earlier that night. It was 3:00 am now. Her pajamas were wet because she just ran out side to get her dog, spud back inside her ran out though the dog door because she forgot to latch it. He was curled up on her feet it was cold outside spite the fact that it was the middle of summer 'probably because of the ran ' she thought. She heard foot steps on the porch, her dad. she grabbed spud up and ran into her room. she pulled the covers hie and put spud under with her. She heard the door open and slam closed. Her father screamed,
Rose got out of her bed and left spud under the covers she ran out of her room and closed the door quickly so spud couldn't get out. She walked into the front room and her father was standing there he spoke,
"This is for your own good rose you need to learn respect"
"Daddy please", Roes begged, "Please daddy please"
He took off his belt and hit her across the face she fell to the floor and started to cry her reached down stood her up and hit her more after he was done he had hit her ten times across the back and once across the face there was a red slash across her face starting at her forehead to the left all the way to her right cheek. Her father stormed out and after a hour later Rose woke up the world was spinning in the corner was a soft silver glow she tried to walk there but every move caused a new worst kind of pain she crawled some how spud had gotten out of her room and her ran toward her her went with her. when she got to the glow there was a door shining like the sun but silver. Rose tried to open it but is was locked. Spud nosed the neckless on her neck it was just a circerl she touched it then she noticed a lock in the handle she didn't see before she put the circle in and the door open suddenly she had the strength to stand she picked up her dog and walked in and she fell
As she fell she felt pain but also all her old pains fell away.soon she felt like glowing she noticed she was no longer wearing her pajamas but she was now wearing black paints and a green T-shirt she hit the floor hard and the world went black.When she woke up she say spud he was wearing a tie. she started to speak,
"What the fu-"
"Rose be quite they might hear you"
She was shocked her dog just talked to her.

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