Worth the While

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1


Some think I'm strong.
Others think me weak.
Some think I'm amusing.
Others think I sleep.

Some think I'm clever.
Others think I'm dumb.
Some think I'm happy.
Others think me numb.

Some believe me lies.
Others see through them.
Some think me foolish.
While others think me silent.

Some think I'm useless.
Others think me tough.
Some think I deserve it.
Others think I've had enough.

That's all they really do.
But their words don't affect.
And my surface doesn't reflect.
And the hate, I shall deflect.
And the lies, I shall detect.

But they don't ever really know,
And the truth never really shows.
And our lives, filed with highs and lows.
And my time, filled with trials and woes.
But they never really know.

But my past has yet to be told,
My story hasn't yet been unfold.
My smile, tight, wont hold.
But the past hasn't been told.

And will it ever?
Maybe so, maybe never.
Maybe I'll keep it forever.
Maybe so, maybe never.
And you think you're so clever.
Maybe so, maybe never.

But I'm not strong.
Nor am I weak.
I'm not right, nor wrong.
Perhaps my secrets, I'll keep.

Not happy, not smart.
Not tough, not dumb.
Though possibly silent,
Maybe a little numb.

It's alright though.
Because they don't know.
And it's alright.
I don't mind.
I'll brush it off.
I'll forget this time.

But the past never really fades.
And of gray, there are so many shades.
And truth is, everyone is swayed.
By the lies that I have laid.

But I'll still smile.
But is it worth the while?
But as my floor touch cold tile,
I can't help but wonder...
Is it worth the while?


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