Over the Hills and Far Away

Over the Hills and Far Away

Alright, this is really bad because I have already have 4 stories going right now... XD This is a Led Zeppelin fanfic, hope you like! ;)
Oh, and I'm not being creative about chapter names, sorry.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Zoey sat on her bedroom floor, leaning up against her bed, studying the symbols on Led Zeppelin IV, which was playing in her turntable.

"Turn that off!" she heard Trish yell from the hallway. Zoey responded by throwing a book at the door.

Zoey lived with her aunt and her three cousins ever since her parents died three years ago. Trish was a year younger than her, at 15, Sean was 12, and Peter was 9. Zoey found them unbearable most most of the time, so she stayed in her room, submersed in her music, as much as she could.

Zoey was attractive, long, wavy, auburn hair with streaks of lighter shades, hazel eyes, tan, smooth skin and a defined face. She was athletic and thin, although all she ever really did for exercise was football. She had had many boyfriends, figuring she'd give them a chance, but she always found the next one even more stupid and unbearable than the first.

She was interrupted from her trance by a knock at the door, and Rachel entered. Zoey had been best friends with Rachel and Alex since grammar school, even though they were all just about as opposite as could be. Zoey had a hot temper, although she was very smart, very tricky, and always found a way around things. She had a way of working around people. Rachel, on the other hand, was the blond of the group, literally and figuratively. She was bubbly and materialistic, into all the pop culture stuff of the 21st century.

"Hey ZoSo! Ew...more of that weird Led Zeppelin? God, you are obsessed, aren't you?" Rachel teased as she plopped onto the bed. Zoey smiled and stopped the record. "It's not weird, for your information, you're the weird one."

"Whatever you say." Rachel smirked. "Hey, you wanna go shopping today? I texted Ally and she said she gets off work in half an hour."

"Sure, lemme change." Zoey threw on a black Rolling Stones shirt and some shorts. "I'm all set," she said, turning back to Rachel.

"God, we have got to get you some new threads!" Rachel grabbed her stuff and they headed out the door.

Zoey's aunt was wealthy enough to buy her a car, although Zoey insisted on paying for some of it. It was grey Mini convertible, the kind she'd wanted since she was a kid. They hopped in and drove out of the suburbs into the busy London streets.

"Let's get lunch first," Zoey suggested.

"Then we'll be all bloated and fat! That's not going to work!" Rachel protested.

Zoey looked over at her. "I'm hungry." Rachel pouted but went along. Zoey smiled smugly to herself. People always listened to her, and she wasn't exactly sure why, they just did.

They stopped at a drive-thru and picked up Alex at the store she worked at. Alex was a little more laid back and calm, and she didn't get nearly as annoying as Rachel did. Alex was smart and open minded, she even liked some of the same things Zoey did.

"Hey, we could go to that new store that opened last week," she suggested.

"What store?"

"The record store...I figured you would want to."

Zoey pressed down on the gas. "Course I do," she grinned.

The store was perfect. According to Zoey, at least. There was incense burning from a corner, it was dim but not too dim, and there were tons of records she had only dreamed of owning.

There were posters plastered all over the walls. Jimi Hendrix, the Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd...she was in heaven. A young guy was asleep at the counter, a still-burning cigarette in his hand.

There was everything she could ever ask for. Everything rock and roll existed here. There was anything from Chuck Berry to Guns N Roses.

"God, why don't they have some good stuff in here?" Rachel complained. Zoey and Alex glared at her.

Zoey caught sight of a doorway that had something about it, she wasn't exactly sure what, so she ventured deeper. There was a little curtain of beads, and the girls found themselves in another room. There was a red light from the ceiling, and the most precious records in neat rows. Zoey gasped.

"What's wrong?" Rachel jumped, she found the place a little creepy.

"/Look/ at these..." Zoey whispered, holding up an armful of Led Zeppelin albums.

"Oh my god, really? That's it?"

"That's it? Look at all of this!" Zoey ran around the little room, digging through piles of the sacred stuff.

"Hey, look," Alex pointed to another door. The other two turned around and stared at the door as if they already knew there was something special about it.

Zoey opened it quietly and they stepped inside a pitch black room with a cold cement floor. Zoey thought she bumped into someone that was not at all familiar, but she couldn't decide before she passed out.

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