Updates (Check Every Time I Send You This Please!)

Chapter 1


fredandgeorgeluvr, I'm waiting for your chapter! :)
Someone_Like_You, I'm waiting for your chapter also!
spicyunicorns, please get on and write your chapter!
spicyunicorns, Dance, Fab4Forever, and XxOneDirectionGirl96xX, we can start the story anytime! Message me if you wanna start it, and if no one voulenteers, I can start, but someone will have to go after me!
I've wrote another chapter for When I Saw Your Face, I Fell In Love. (Liam Payne Love Story) :) So check it out! :D

I feel better now :')

So, thanks for all people reading, rating, and commenting on my stories, thanks for the inspiring songs, it helped a ton. Also, thanks to all who care. :)


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