A Complicated Love ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

A Complicated Love ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

This Story is based of real characters.Well the friends are and Mindless Behavior Duhh.LOL.Teyanna is really just Paige Hurd

Chapter 1


I was up sitting at my computer desktop on ticket master waiting for the Mindless Behavior tickets to go on sale.They go on sale at 5:35 am.I glanced at the left side of the computer screen and it was 6:34. 5-4-3-2 I hurried and clicked buy.I waited for m result to come in.When something finally loaded it said "You have Won Tickets.You have 4 tickets in Row A.When I saw I had front row tickets.I couldnt even breath.I almost passed out but I took one long deep breath.I jumped up and did the dougie followed by the Spongebob followed by the John Wall.I jumped on the bed and quickly texted Imani (I-Imani M-Me)

M-Guess What
I-What Ahhhhhh OMG.
M-It's front row tickets

I plugged my phone up on the charger and walked out of my room.I closed the e door behind me.A nice delicious scent crossed my nose.It smelled like a bacon and cheese omelette.I ran down all the stairs tripping over my left foot.I rolled and rolled down all the stairs.I felt a sharp pain in my arm.But it slowly passed.I jumped up and went into the kitchen.I stood at the counter top and watched my mom cook.I just couldn't believe that I had front ticket to the MB concert.But you wanna know the best part.My best friend Jada had four backstage passes.Man saturday need to hurry up and come.I did a little squeal excitement.

"What you so happy for" My Mom said as she placed a omelette on a plate.She hades it to me squinting her eyes waiting for an answer

"I won front seats to a Mindless Behavior Concert and Jada has backstage passes" I said getting excited.I got a fork out of the kitchen drawer.I went back over to my omelette and pulled up a stoll.I sat down and dugged in.I was maxing.It tasted so good.But it was jst so big.It covered the whole plate.I took a couple more bites a d I couldn't even look at the omelette without gagging that's hopeful
I was.I knew I wasn't going to eat it so I called my 5 year old brother Nas.

"Nas!" I yelled.He came into the room with his Buzz Lighteryear action figure.

"Hmm?" He said looking up at me.

"Here" I said and picked him up.I sat him at the stoll and left out the room.I walked up the stairs into my bedroom.I sat on the edge of the bed and started getting ready for school.I walked inside my bathroom and started the shower.It was on lukewarm.I stripped down and got inside.I grabbed my towel and cleaned my body thoroughly.Once I got out the shower I went and got dressed.I slipped on a pair of white shorts and a orange tank top.I slipped on my orange and white Nike air max.I applied lotions to my arms legs and face.I stood up and look in the mirror.I applied clear lip gloss on my lips and rub them together.I grabbed my phone of the charger and shoved it inside my pocket.I grabbed my book bag and walked out the room turning off the light and walked down the stairs.I waited for my brother Darius at the bottom at the bottom of the steps.He's always late.

"Darius!!!!" I called up the stairs.

"Stop Screaming.He left already" My Mom said as she got ready ready for work.I grunted in frustration.Now I have to walk all the way to school.Darius know good darn on well that we live like 3 blocks from school.'That's not hat far' you'll say and I would reply 'Who asked you?!I'm a lazy girl'.

I finally made it to school 8 minutes later.I walked up the school steps.In disgust staring at these so called 'Couples' kissing.I pulled open the school doors open and walked inside.I walked to my locker and put my combo in and opened it.I took my books out my bag for my first class out and placed my bag in my locker.I grabbed my notebook and a couple of pencil from my locker.I closed my locker and saw a boy standing behind the door.

"What Do You Want Marques?!" I said giving him a stank look.

"You Me after school my house" He said demanding like.

"You'll be there.I won't now move.....by the way You still have morning breath" I said patting him on he shoulder.I walked off and headed to class.I walked inside and saw Imani,Jada and Jazzy sitting in the back.I headed in back there when Marques stood in front of me almost making me fall right on top of him.

"How do my breath smell now" He said and moved in for a kiss.Next you hear is SMACK I slapped him so hard you could have heard it in Calculus and that's on the 3 floor.I just walked off like nothing ever happened.When I came to the back they was all laughing at me.I started smiling.I sat in between Imani and Jada.

"Did You Tell Them" I asked Imani.Hopefully she didn't I wanted to break the news.I wanted to see their reaction.

"Naw" Imani said and shook her head smiling.

"What?What Is It!?" Jada said getting all jumpy.

"I won front row ticket to see Mineless Behavior" I said smiling .Jada started hyperventalting and Jazzy just stood there with a blank expression.There expression was priceless.I started dying laughing.

"Take Your Seats" Mr.Dawson said as he walked into the classroom with his briefcase and a cup of coffe from starbucks.Ughh I hate this class.He totally hates me because of my older brother like it's my fault that he's a joker.I put in my headphones and turned the music on Lowell so if he calls me I can here him.I turned my IPod Touch 32g on shuffle.The first song that came on was Kissing Games by Mindless Behavior.If I wasn't in public I would've acted like Roc was in front of me and I would be in full make out scene with him.But if I did that everyone would be talking about that for like the whole school year and I don't need that to happen.I opened my journal and doodled my name and Roc's names.

Time Lapse

This was the last week of school and it's OVER.Once I got everything from out my locker I waited outside for Imani.This girl been flirting with this guy for the longest.He ain't even all that cute.Do you want me to describe how ugly he is.He's like a mixture of Shaq, Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka.But mostly Shak.Now that's a ugly dude.I waited and waited and waited.This girl really got Nerve to keep me waiting.I just left her to stay in there with whats his name.Uhh ommm aw yeah Ohbey.It pronouned like Obey.I was walking down the street scrolling through my music Then this black van pulled up

"You need a ride cutie" This dude said through the window he had on a Miami Heat hat cover up most of his face so all I saw was really his lips.I started to get freaked out.I remembered what my mom told me to do when I was little.She told me to yell "YOUR NOT SAFE" and run.I started laughing at that though.

"Uhhh No!" I said and sped walk around the corner.I literally ran all the way home like did Ol'dude think he just gonna try to holla at me in a black van boy you must got me all wrong.Not only was freaked out I couldn't even breath.I thought I was gonna pass out.Once I got in my room I jumped on my bed.Tomorrow is the concert and I need to look my best.Today Imani was coming over for the night to help each other to get ready.I threw my bag in the corner.I took my shoes off and tossed them in a corner.I laid in my bed and dosed off.I had a dream that I was 20 and married.I has 1 kid by Roc Royal.Maybe that'll happen.Who am I kidding.

Time Lapse

I woke up to someone shaking me.

"Huhh" I said trying to push that person off of me.

"Wake up girl we need to get ready" Imani said pulling the cover off of me.

"Get ready?! It's tomorrow!" I said jumping up how long did I sleep.I ran all the way into the barroom and looked at the clock.It was 3:35 p.m.I jumped up.I ran into my closet and pulled out my bags that had my outfits in there.I snatched it and ran into the bathroom.Imstarted the shower and stripped down.I stepped into the shower and grabbed my towel.I lathered my body with soap.

Once Imani and I finished got dressed we snapped a few pics in my full body length mirror.We had on this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=52878314 .We posted a pic on twitter.The caption said "On our way to the Mindless Behavior #1GirlTour we look #sSwagg'dOut. I took my phone of the charger and looked at the battery.It was fully charged.Imani did the same thing.We placed our phones in our clutches.I also had $100 in it.

Time Lapse

"Thanks for the ride Ms.Stevenson" I said to Jada's mom.She gave Imani,Jada, and I a ride to the concert.As we walked up to the long line.I handed Jazzy,Jada and Imani there tickets.Jada and Jazzy had on this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=47974106

"Girl I can''t wait to see Prod" Jada said to us while she handed the lady her ticket.

"How much you wanted bet that Prince gonna grind in front of me" Jazzy said as all of us handed the lady the tickets.

"Girl I don't care as long as I get Roc to smile at me and roll in front of me once I'll be straight for the rest of the night" I said then high five Jada.We walked inside it was alot of commotion.All of us walked to are seats which was right in the front row in the middle.We took our seats but the this girl around us was gonna jump on stage but the security came out of no where and carried her to her seats.As the light began to dim everyone jumped up.I stood up and started screaming.I was gonna start jumping but I had on heels and I wasn't bout to break my neck.The Music began.

"Be My Number One Girl,Girl,Girl" The music sang.They came from under the stage.Forget that.I started jumping up and down screaming loud.They walked up slowly and bust out dancing.Roc walked up and started rolling.RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.I began to blush hard.Then he winked at me I almost passed out.After that song went off Girls Talkin Bout Came on.They all started dancing. Imani, Jazzy, Jada and I started singing.

"Ay shawty what ya name.What's yo number You heard about my age.Well forget that number" With Prodigy As Jazzy said.Princeton started grinding in front Jazzy she was like. "Ohh Get It Get It" Which made Princeton laugh.Man I can't wait till this concert over so I can go backstage I thought.



Hey Guys I would like to know your feedback to this.Please be 100% truthfull.THNX for reading. A Complicated Love ~A Mindless Behavior Love Story~ Next Chapter Friday probably Monday 7/16/12/ .Peace.Stay #Mindless

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