How I became a Beatlemaniac(please don't read)

How I became a Beatlemaniac(please don't read)

I wish my story was as interesting as some of the other ones, but if people really want to know......

Chapter 1

First story ever

I had always known who The Beatles were, not really but if I heard the song Hey Jude or Revolution I could say "Oh, that's the Beatles" but I didn't know who they were, if they were dead, or anything.I never once connected that all these amazing songs I heard on the radio once in a blue moon were all by the same people or that Band on the Run was by a person from this band.
The reason I found all these songs was because my daddy is from that era and had raised me in the oldies music, and also my brothers type of music gave me nightmares(metal, if anyones wondering).I'd always have it on the music channel on my T.V. because all the shows I used to like on Disney Channel all got replaced by strange, uninteresting shows and my daddy would always tape a song he liked if I found it on the channel and told him from the other room. I always loved hearing my daddys storys about how he had the measles and was playing with his sisters records when he found the song Young Girl or how he watched the movie Live and Let Die with his girlfriend and how she thought she saw her dead cat in the alley when they were in his car and that's why he loved the song so much.
Then one day I heard a song I had never heard before and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.If you listen to those channels you know they usually only play top hits from back then and the same things over and over.The song was called Across The Universe and it was by The Beatles. (It couldn't be the same Beatles who sang She Loves You, could it?) I wished the song would never end and when it did I googled the lyrics and wrote them down in a diary( I don't actually write a diary, it's more like a cookbook and a to-do-list I never get done.)I didn't have speakers at the time so when I got my brothers phone I looked it up, listened to it over and over, and you know the list that comes up on Youtube videos afterword.I saw the song Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey and thought that sounded amazing and saw another strange one and another until I was showing my dad these songs and he knew them all and I was so angry saying "why couldn't you have told me these people did all these songs" and within a month I had the knowledge of a wannabe Beatlemaniac.
That was a couple years ago and i think I can safely say if I had never heard that song I would still say "I Want Candy" or "Bootilicious" was my favorite song.If you read all this you didn't have to, you could have gotten the gist of what I was saying. I can now say I have went through all my dads thousands of records and 45's(not kidding, at least 1500 of them) and tracked down all Beatles albums,45's, Beatles novelty songs( like Beatle Boots),and any solo work or Yoko Ono.I now have 10 45's and 4 albums which are Band on the Run, Beatles Story( a biography album worth a lot), Abbey Road, and Let it Be. I'm pretty sure that's all I'm going to find, but I'll still look from time to time. All this got started by my curiosity at what "Jai Guru Deva Om" meant. YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE STORY, I PRETTY MUCH WROTE THIS FOR MYSELF AS NOT TO FORGET!!!


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