The Robin. (A Heartbreaking Story)

Hey Quibblers!
So, this story is just something i just thought of about 28.5 seconds ago. Its probably not good.
But who cares?
Not me.
So enjoy it. Or just try to tolerate it. :)

Chapter 1

Death is very unexpecting.

by: Megaronii
I see blackness all around me. I feel coldness all around me. The pain is slowly disappearing, but not as fast as i would like it too. I feel the wind's cold lips touch my skin, leaving goosebumps behind.
I cant remember how i got here, i just remember feeling sudden pain throughout my body. The pain started from my heart and eventually got to my fingertips, i have never experinenced anything like it before.
So, this is what Death feels like. I thought, the thought was weak, barely there. But, all in all still there.
I feel tingles in underneath me, like my skin is shivering by itself. Why is it so cold here? What is here?
Death is very slow.
I feel the need to give up. Why not? I cant remember my past.
Maybe i deserve death.
A sudden picture of a red bird appears in my mind.
It takes awhile for my mind to thaw out before i place the name.
A Robin.
A red robin, to be exact.
Why does this bird have meaning to me? I cant remember. I am too weak to remember, too lost to even try.
I just want to die. Cant i just die, already?
This is not the day you will die on... a rough voice ripped through my mind.
I the feel to demand him to shut up and just kill me already. Havent i been through enough?
There is more pain and suffering to come, but you will have to fight through it.
More? More pain? More suffering?
Nope. Not for me. I demand a refund!
Remember what you fight for...
A million images fly through my mind.
A family, with a mother, a father, a son, and two daughters. Something inside me flickers of recongition. Its at the tip of my tongue, but i cant place it excactly. I feel the sudden urge of protection.
Another image of a flag of sorts. A branch, two hand joined, and a robin are plaster on it, all of them colored silver, and the flag itself, is black.
When this image appears, i feel pride. I protect this.
The last image is a young man. With brown hair that sweeps across his forehead, which is lighted from the sun. His tan skin contradicts with his light green eyes.
Love, adoration, lust, joy, sorrow, and partnership threatens to explode from my chest.
This is mine.
I open my eyes to a world of heartbreak and pain.
"Sam.'' i croak out.

End of chapter one.
So Ladies and Gents, what is your opinions?
Dont hold back!

"I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested!", Who said this?

Here is the flag-


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