For those of you that read my story For Once, please read this! if you haven't, you could still read it, if you want.


The reason I made a story about this is because I'm sure people get tired of my invites so I thought I'd make a story.

Chapter 1

The End :(

by: Carrie_
I have finished writing the last chapter of the story and I hope you enjoyed it! I had a ton of fun writing this and I am really happy about the comments you left me and the rate you gave me. I also thank you guys for having a little over 100 reads! If you enjoyed it, please tell your friends and your friends friends. That would be great! So I thank you all! You guys are the best! So I give you the link to my story. Thanks again! I love you all! ❤

And for those of you that clicked on this and haven't read my story yet, I hope you do and tell me what you think! Thanks! ❤


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