Come Together (A John Lennon Love Story)

Come Together (A John Lennon Love Story)

This is my first fan-fiction! I'm so excited! I hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Hello Little Girl

"Hello, Laura!" Mr. George said as he opened the front door. "Are you looking for John?"
"Yes, sir. Is he here?" I asked peeking into the house. I'm sure he is. He's probably upstairs thinking about girls. I've always known him, even at this age of nine, to think and ramble on nonstop about girls.
"You've come to the right place. He's in his room. Play nice!" Mr. George said jokingly.
"Ah, Laura. Come to see John, have you?" Mimi asked with intimidation lurking in her voice.
As I was about to reply, she cut me off saying, "Of course you are, dear."
I knew she didn't like me but she didn't have to make it so obvious. I was making my way up the narrow staircase when I overheard Mimi saying to Mr. George that she hoped John would get new friends. I shook my head angrily and continued up the stairs. John and I were friends and we would stick together. That's what we always told each other anyway.
I stood outside John's doorway and planned on scaring him as was tradition for me at the time. I snuck a glance into his room. He was laying on the bed with his face in the sheets. I tiptoed in and put my hands on his back and screamed, "BOO!"
He jumped like a rabbit. "Laura Elizabeth! What have I told you about scaring me like that?! You scared the bloody hell out of me!"
I couldn't tell if he was joking or if he was serious. I was, though, completely dumbfounded by his language. "Since when do you swear, John Lennon?"
"Since everyone started doing it," he said full of arrogance. "I wouldn't expect you to know. You haven't been hip a day in your life."
I began to tear up. Here was my best friend telling me that I wasn't hip. "Have it your way. I should go."
"I didn't mean to rattle your cage, Laura," he said somewhat genuinely as I was running down the hall.
I rushed down the stairs with tears blurring my vision so much so that I almost ran into Mimi as she was blocking my path to the door.
"There'll be no running in my house," she stated without even bothering to notice my tears. "On your way, then?"
Mr. George piped up from the den, "You don't want to stay for dinner?"
Without a word I brushed past Mimi and violently swung the door open. I sobbed the whole three blocks back to my house.
I continued to see John everyday, but only at school. We never spoke, though. When we stole glances at each other in the hall, I could see the apology in his chocolate brown eyes, but since he didn't say anything, I didn't either.

The next time we spoke was when his mother died. It wasn't that I felt obligated to go, I felt like I was needed by an old friend. I guess I was wrong.
I knocked on the door and gave my condolences to Mimi who had also lost sweet Mr. George recently. I knew she was having a tough time. "Hello, Mimi." I then pulled her into a tight embrace with tears running down my face.
"Laura. I've missed seeing you around," she said with a hint of a smile.
This bit was strange to me because Mimi never seemed to like me at all. She told me John was in the den, so I slowly apprached preparing myself for the worst.
John was sitting in a chair leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and face in his palms. I saw his back bounce with sobs and I immediately knelt down beside him for comfort. I rubbed my hand on his back and silently cried myself.
He looked up red-faced and teary-eyed. "What could you possibly be doing here?" he asked accusingly.
"I came to see an old friend," I said hoping he wouldn't push me away. But he did just that.
"I don't need you here. I've got other friends that have cared for ages now. You haven't cared a bit for years," he said. His words hurt worse than I expected. "I don't need you."
I knew then that was my cue to leave. I got up and a faint "Goodbye" left my lips.

Now John is a big shot. The Beatles they call them. He performs all over England with his bandmates Paul George, and Ringo. I expect he's married to a model or an actress who's only in it for the money. Thoughts of John Lennon hadn't entered my brain until a few days ago when I read that he would be back in Liverpool on August third with The Beatles for a concert. I wasn't planning on attending but I had to.
I just got a job at the Cavern Club where they would be performing. With much luck I would be ignored by them just like every other fan girl.

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