A Life Time Of Love

In order to understand this story you must go back and read

~Connection Of Love~
~Can't Erase The Past~
~Pieces Fall Into Place~

This is by me(msdonesha13) & Volleyballgirl527!!


Chapter 1

Today's Life

Jazmine pov

2 years ago was the day Tray left with his mom. Well me and him havent said a word to each other at all and i am going 19 going to be 20 and my son Deshawn is now 4 years old. Me and Quan has gotten REALLY closed to each other. It at the point where we have feelings for each other but we havent went on any dates or anything.

Yes Layla and Nate know about me and Quan. But what can i say he been there for me through my heartbreak over Tray. I mean yeah Tray sees Deshawn alot. But thats because Nate takes Deshawn out there to see him or Tray would come to town and Nate would take Deshawn to whatever hotel Tray would be staying at.

But i havent ran into Tray since the day he left. But their mom visit and she apologize for the way she acted and she went back to that sweet lady i first met. Jenna got out of jail and he and the mom are still in new york and Tray is in new york as well.

Anyways back to the present time. I finished making breakfast as everybody started coming into the kitchen. Quan walked over to me and kiss my cheek. i smile and looked down.

Quan-morning beautiful

Jazmine-morning to you too

Deshawn-Mommy what are we doing today?

i put the food on the plates as i place them in front of everybody and smile as i looked at Deshawn.

Jazmine-well what did you want to do?

Deshawn-i don't know..maybe we can go see grandpa

i smile as i looked at him and nodded. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you. you remeber my blood dad the one who's a judge well yeah he ins mines and Layla life as well. right now life was good.

Quan was seeing his baby all the time and Daniel last time i recall she was trying to win Tray heart still. But Quan was a amazing father and everything.

i looked at Quan and he was staring at me. i smile as i looked down and sat in my chair and started eating my food. I sighed as i looked at Layla and Nate. yes they are still together and they were so in love.

But i knew niether of them liked the fact that me and Quan was crushing on each other but i didnt try to fall for him it wasn't planned. it just kind of happen you know.

Jazmine-yeah we can go see grandpa today


i smile as i shooked my head at Deshawn and sighed. Deshawn loved seeing his grandpa for some reason he always had interesting stories to tell or something and he always had something for Deshawn everytime we saw him.

i looked at Layla and Nate and smile.

Jazmine-good morning guys how are you?

i sighed as i kept eating and smile. man Life couldnt get no better than this. no fights or drama or anything at all.

Tray pov

i smile as i woke up to some lips on mines. i kissed back as i open my eyes and looked at my girlfriend. she stared at me and smile.

Jessy-morning baby

Tray-morning to you too

Jessy-so what are we doing today?

Tray-no idea

she nodded as she got up and went to take a shower. Well as you can see my life is busy right now. i got a girlfriend who's name is Jessica and she in college studying to be a teacher. im in college as well and im going to be in the medical field.

Well im now 20 years old and i work at the hospital as a doctor. My mom she's really cool again and i still see Deshawn all the time. But i havent seen or heard from Jazmine in 2 years.

I mean yeah i still got love for her and all but we werent going to work out. If we were we'll be dating right now right? Well sometimes i be wanting to picked up the phone and called her. I mean i still think about her ALOT and i even tell Nate that.

But i got another girl in my life and she's amazing. I got out of bed and went downstairs and saw my mom cooking breakfast. yeah i stay with my mom but that because she begged me not to moved out. But i live with Jessy because most of my stuff is over there but i come home to mom because she get upsets.

Turn out she just needed time with her sons and she was happy and than Jenna got out and it took awhile but she went back to her old self since i wasn't going to aloud that drama stuff.

mom-morning sweetie how are you?

Tray-good and you?

Mom-good hungry? is jessy hungry?

Tray-yeah but she's in the shower

mom-aw i see

i nodded as i looked at her and smile. i looked around for my little sister but she wasn't no where to be found. i looked at my mom and smile.

mom-so any grandbabies?you and jessy?

Tray-mom you already got a grandbaby

mom-i know but i miss him i want to see a baby everyday

Tray-you got a daughter

mom-not the point

i smile and shooked my head.

Tray-well no grandbabies

mom-tray i can't stay with one grandchild

Tray-well i dont know what to tell you


mom-morning sweetie

she smile as she sat next to me and i looked at her.

Tray-morning baby

Jessy-morning handsome

she smile as i kiss her lips and smile

mom-not at the table kids!

i smile as i pulled away and looked at mom. i wondered what Nate was doing

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