no matter what

a story about a a guy trying to confess his love to her. She ingores him

Chapter 1

the beging

Well once there was a guy named Anthony. He moved to granite city, Illinois with his parents. It was his junior year. He had just recently broke up with, his now ex girlfriend. They were dating on and off. Now it was a permant thing. He found her in bed with another guy. So his parents decided that it was a good idea to move away from Clementine. "Anthony, were there." his mom said. His mom was very pretty. She had golden eyes and soft brown hair. They look so much alike. Sleeply he said okay. They were going to go to his grandmas first. His grandma owned rental and they were going to stay in one of her houses for a while. "Hello mom! How are you." his mom said. His mom sat for 2 hours with their grandma. They eventualy made it "home". Anthony started school in a week. The move made the week go by really fast. School was only 2 minutes from the house. He walked the first day. He went into home room and everybody started at him. " Why is everybody staring at me? oh wait. they think im stunning" After he sat down, the teacher handed out their classes. A guy walked up to him. " Hi, my name is Tyler. What grade you in?" He asked real calmely. " Hi, my names Anthony, but u can call me tony. Uhh im a junior. you?" he asked. "Im a junior too. Can i see your classes?" Tony handed him his classes. He over looked him. "He looks like hes a football player" he thought. "Cool. We have gym and lunch together. Wanna meet somewhere?" "Yea. sure that sounds like a good idea sence i dont know anybody else." he replied. "Cool man. Later." Then the bell rang. " Off to first hour. This is going to be hell." First hour to lunch wasnt as bad as he thought. He keep getting weird looks. He got a chicks number. She randomly gave it to him. Her name was Jane. She wasnt bad looking but right now he wasnt looking for a relationship. He just got out of a really bad one. " HEY TONY!! OVER HERE!" Tyler yelled from the back of the caffetirea. " Hey man. Whats up?" he said as soon as he got over here. "Hey, this is my friend Cooper and Gavin." " Hi Cooper. Hi Gavin." They talked for a minute and Cooper sugested they got something to eat. Tony got a salad and the rest got an hamburger and coast him a buck 50. 7th hour was gym. He wanted it to come on. He wanted to go home. It was only a half day. Everything was moving to slowly. Finally it was the end of the day. He started to walk home the he accedently knocked some girls books down. " Oh gosh. Im so sorry. Here let me help. My names Tony. Im new here." "Hi. My names samantha. Do u know my friend Tyler. I seen you with him at lunch and gym." " Yea we meet in home room. Hes a pretty cool dude. how do you know him?" " Ive known Tyler for a while. Little kids even. Well its nice to meet you. Maybe well see more of each other." she said as she was walking away. "Yea okay." he said to her back.
TO BE CONTUIED...........

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