Hide and Seek

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

Hide and Seek

One Mississippi.
Small feet take off.
Two Mississippi.
Fast as they can.
Three Mississippi.
Dash through the yard.
Four Mississippi.
Run past the daisies and roses.

Five Mississippi.
Push yourself faster.
Six Mississippi.
Over the fence.
Seven Mississippi.
Under the bushes.
Eight Mississippi.
Get as far away as possible.

Nine Mississippi.
Can't stop now, the games already begun.
Ten Mississippi.
Hurry before the counting stops.
Eleven Mississippi.
Find a place to hide.
Twelve Mississippi.
Somewhere dark is best.

Thirteen Mississippi.
Hold your breath.
Fourteen Mississippi.
Not a sound.
Fifteen Mississippi.
He's coming for you.
Sixteen Mississippi.
He's breaking the rules.

Seventeen Mississippi.
He's getting closer.
Eighteen Mississippi.
You can here the footsteps.
Nineteen Mississippi.
You can see his shadow.
And he's got you.


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