Emo Love ~ True Love

Ok, so this is my first story. And I honestly have no real clue where it's gonna go, but I guess we'll see.

Chapter 1

Leaving Life

by: xXSkyXx
Hi, My names Alex. I should probably tell you a bit more about me. I'm 16 and I live in Atlanta Georgia. I guess you could say I'm Emo or Scene or whatever, I really don't care. I've got 2 dogs and a Chinchilla. My Dogs names are Duke and Sasha. My Chinchilla's name is Luka. Duke is a German Shepherd and Sasha is a teacup yorkshire terrier. And today, is the day my life ends.

Today, my parents are dragging me to Los Angeles California. 'Why me' I thought as I dragged myself out of bed to go get dressed. Of course, my two dogs were right at the foot of my bed, waiting to greet me like they do every morning. There lucky. They don't have a single care in the world, and that includes were they go.

I went over and took Luka, my Chinchilla, out of her cage and put her on my shoulder. She loves it up there, and will stay firmly on my shoulder until I put her on my dresser so I can go get dressed. "Hey Luka, what's up girly." I told her as I set her down on my shoulder and walked over to my dresser. She replyed with a little squeak in my ear that I assumed meant 'nothing much' in Chinchilla. (It's important to mention right now, I am a huge geek. Even though I dont look like it)

My bed, dresser, side table, my iHome, book shelfs, and mirror were the only things left in my room. Everything else was either already on the moving truck, or in millions of boxes that were piled as high as the ceiling. I went over, and turned on some music. F(x) ~ Nu ABO

Though it sounds really weird, I LOVE kpop music as much as dubstep and rock music. I then went over and looked in the mirror. From head to toe, you could tell I just woke up. My Black, purple, teal blue, and hot pink hair was a mess! My oversized Black Veil Brides T-shirt was all wrinkled. My fuzzy black slippers were all flattened. Plus, without my makeup, I looked like a 5'6 skinny, busty zombie with snakebites and a right nostral nose ring. I quickly put Luka on my dresser and ran to a box to get my clothes. I then went into my bathroom to change.

"what do you guys think?" I asked my pets as I came out of the bathroom, smiled, and did a 360 turn for them. Sasha started barking her adorble bark, Duke howled, and Luka started squeaking. "haha I'll take that as a yes from the judges." I said and they stopped making noise. I was wearing my ripped jeans with black and red suspenders hanging down the sides (the only way I'll actually wear suspenders) I was wearing my white T-shirt that said "F@*# The World" In black and red letters under my crop vest. My hair was curled at the bottoms and my bangs were sweeping across my face. I was wearing my favorite Head band that had a giant purple skull with a little breaking heart in it's mouth on the side. I was ready to go, except for my makeup.

Almost as soon as I had finished my eyeshadow and was about to do my eyeliner, my mom walked in my room and sat on my bed. Even though Sasha was growling at her like my mom was trying to kill me. That dogs a fierce little brat, just like me. "Alli, could you please call off your little beast." My mom said looking cautiously at little Sasha. "Mom, she's my dog. That's probably why she doesn't like you much." I said turning to my mom with my freshly finished makeup. "Can you please lighten your makeup and take that jewlery out of your face." Here my mom goes again...

"No mom, I will not take out my piercings. and as for my makeup, this is alot lighter than I used to wear it. So calm down. Now what do you want." Me and my mom are complete opposites, and we always fight about the same stupid little things. For example, we fight about my makeup and piercings, my outfits, my hair, the fact that I can ride a motercycle and I want one of my own. "Ugh, fine. I just came to tell you that some of your friends are here to say goodbye and that we leave in an hour and a half. Did you have breakfast yet?" My mom said. "Ok, thanks mom. You can just send them up. As for breakfast, I got it covered." I said pointing to the mini fridge that still had to be moved out of my room. "Ok, will do Darling." My mom said, kissing my cheek as she left my room.

About 10 minutes later, after I had put on my favorite heeled boots. "Sup girly." Said my friend Josh as he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder."I'm ok, now please put me the f down!" I screamed pounding my fists on his back. He's dropped me before, and I was NOT gonna let it happen again. "Fine." He said laughing and dropping me on my bed. It was my 3 best friends in the whole world. Chloe, Josh, and Andy. "I can't believe your leaving!" Chloe exclaimed hugging me. "PROMISE me that you'll email and video chat and call me all the time. I think I'm gonna cry!" she said hugging me. Josh and Andy were just watching the show laughing. "Ok ok, calm down. I sware." i said. "uh uh, you gotta spit sware." she said." Ugh, fine. Spit sware, go." We spit are hands, shook hands, spun around to switch places, shook eachothers ankels, then slide our hands up eahcothers side until we were shaking hands again. It was a stupid little handshake we came up with in middle school. Well, it was a handshake with out the spit. With the spit, it was the spit sware.

"Guys, that looked so incredibly wrong." That was Andy. Like Chloe, we had been best friends since kindergarden. I've had a crush on him since kindergarden too. "Exactly, are you guys secretly dating or something?" Josh asked with a wink. Chloe went over and shoved him a bit before kissing him. You see, Chloe and Josh are dating. "Woah, We're still here you too." I said sarcasticly sitting on my bed petting Sasha and Duke. "I think you forgot this little critter." Andy said picking up Luka, putting her on his head, and sitting next to me on my bed. My pets love Andy, I don't know why. I mean Duke, loves pretty much anyone who doesn't threaten me and my family. But Sasha pretty much only loves me and tolerates everyone else. Luka shakes when she's by someone she doesn't know or doesn't like. But they all love Andy, like me i guess.

"So, where are your parents dragging you to anyway?" Josh asked. "LA" I said as I looked out the window at the moving van. "As in, California?!" Chloe asked me wide eyed. I simply nodded and she came over and shook me. Ignoring duke barking at her to get away from me, she said "You HAVE to let me visit you sometime. You just Have to Alli!" "Ok ok, you can." I said just as my mom called to me from outside That I had to go. I looked around the room at my friends and started crying. Josh came and sat down on my left side and Andy, who was sitting on my right put his arm around me and held me close. Chloe nelt in front of me. They were all trying to comfort me in some way. "Alli..." My mom said coming into my room. Everyone turned to look at her but me. "Oh, sorry. Honey, we have to go." She said and left. I sniffled a few times and looked at chloe. "is my makeup alright?" I asked her with a shaky voice. She laughed a bit and nodded. "Fabulous." Josh got up and left, not saying anything. I was a little hurt, and Chloe abviously noticed. "Don't take it personally, he's horrible with goodbyes. He's probably going to cry himself. I'll go see if i can find him." She said, hugging me and reluctantly leaving.

"I'm sorry." Said Andy. I turned to him, leaning into him more than I should have I'm sure. "Why?" I asked. He looked down at me. "I don't know. My best friend is moving to the other side of the country and she's all torn up about it. I hate seeing you sad." He said with a look so loving and sempythetic, I could tell I was tearing up again. I just let my head fall with the tears. "No, please don't cry. My heart can't take it." he said, lifting my chin with his finger and wiping away a single tear. then he leaned down and kissed me.

It was the most amazing thing ever! I had been dreaming of this for who knows how long. We would've kept on going if it wasn't for my mom screaming for me outside. "We should probably get going." He said smiling, his forhead pressed to mine. I just nodded and bit my lip. He helped me up and as we walked outside, held my hand the whole time. I was floating on cloud nine!

"Alli, In the car now!" My mom broke the spell. My pets were already in the backseat. I hugged and said goodbye to Chloe and Josh. When I got to Andy, I stopped. "I don't wanna go." I said hugging him. He pulled away, but still held me close. "I know you don't. But we're all still right here and we won't forget you. I know I won't." He said gently pushing a stray hair away from my face, but keeping his hand there. "I promise I won't and I'll call you and try to visit and everything." He said. I simply smiled as he leaned down and kissed me. We were practically making out when my mom honk the car horn. Me and Andy just stood there laughing. Then he hugged me and whispered in my ear "I love you, I always have." and smiled at me. I mothed the words "I love you too" back to him.

"Later goofball" He said opening my car door for me and smiling. "Later Nutzo" I shot right back at him with a smile. Then he closed the car door and Chloe and Josh came and stood next to him. Chloe and Josh must've been crying, because there eyes were red. And then I saw it as he stepped back, a lone tear gliding down his cheek. Andy was actually crying. When I saw him cry I had to look away.

As we drove down the street, I could feel my happiness slipping away. So I just plugged in my headphones to my iPhone, looked out the window and zone out until we got to the airport. This was gonna be one long flight.

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